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How to use community fitness equipment

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The outdoor fitness equipment for the community is well used for fitness, and improper use often becomes "damaging". Therefore, while enjoying the convenience brought by community fitness equipment, people must master the essentials of movement, how to use outdoor fitness equipment correctly, let's take a look!


Community fitness equipment name

How to use community fitness equipment

Community fitness equipment name

Product name: Double parallel bars (vertical two-hand support)

The main function of the outdoor fitness equipment: Enhance the strength of the upper limbs, shoulders, and chest, improve the heart and chest meridian function

Exercise method: Hold the handrails with both hands, lift your legs forward, and do up and down exercises.

Product name: vertical back massager

The main function of the outdoor fitness equipment: massage the muscles of the human body's back and back and the central nervous system

Exercise method: the user holds the armrests with both hands, the back is close to the massage wheel, and the body moves left and right to massage the back. Or drag the massage wheel up and down to massage the back

How to use community fitness equipment

1. Treadmill: exercise the muscles of the lower extremities, hip joints, knees, and waist muscles and mobility, while helping to enhance the cardiopulmonary function.

Note: Hold the outdoor fitness equipment for the community tightly with both hands to prevent falling; the swing range of the legs should not be too large to avoid muscle strain.

2. Combined horizontal bar: Enhance the strength of upper limbs and back muscles, pull the wrists, upper limb muscles, etc., and enhance the flexibility and flexibility of the joints.

Note: Hold the outdoor fitness equipment tightly with both hands to prevent injuries from falling.

3. Balance roller: It can enhance cardiopulmonary function and joint flexibility, and improve the balance and coordination of the human body.

Note: Hold the horizontal bar firmly; only when the balance roller is stationary, can you go up and down the outdoor fitness equipment. The exercise should be slow at the beginning, and then gradually speed up. Elderly people suffering from cardiovascular disease, vertebral artery type cervical spondylosis, otolithiasis, and people who are prone to motion sickness or seasickness cannot use this device.

It is not recommended for the elderly to use this equipment for exercise, because they can easily fall if they cannot master balance and coordination. For the frail, sickly, and osteoporotic elderly, it will likely be difficult to stand up after a fall.

There is also a fitness facility called "wave bridge" that is not suitable for the elderly. If you step on the bridge board that is tied with a movable rope, it will shake too much and you can't grasp the balance. The elderly are also prone to falls.

4. Rotating waist device: activate waist joints and relax back muscles, suitable for people of all ages except children. It is especially suitable for lumbar dysfunction, lumbar muscle strain, and general fatigue.

Note: The waist should be controlled when twisting, and the amplitude should not be too large. Remember to never leave the handle, keep the twisting angle below 45 degrees, and the twisting speed should be slow and even so that you can exercise without hurting your body.

Today, Outdoor fitness equipment has been well developed. And the intelligence of outdoor fitness equipment is very high, and gradually tends to the unification of international standards. Therefore, different vehicles can integrate different outdoor fitness equipment from different suppliers. Whether it is outdoor fitness equipment, Nanjing Wande Sports Industry Group Co.,Ltd. outdoor fitness equipment is an ideal choice.


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