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How to use outdoor fitness equipment safely?

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With the popularity of the fitness industry, companies in outdoor workout equipment across the country have sprung up in various places, but at the same time they also have some problems. From time to time, we are notified of relevant news that young people who have a bright future are injured or even disabled because of the wrong use of outdoor training equipment. If the injured are elderly people, the situation will be more serious. In order to avoid this situation, the safe use of outdoor workout equipment must be popularized as soon as possible.


Here is the content list:

What are the hazards of using fitness equipment incorrectly?

What are the correct use steps of outdoor workout equipment?

How to deal with emergencies during use of outdoor workout equipment?


What are the hazards of using fitness equipment incorrectly?

For many citizens, it is a very good choice to come to the outdoor workout equipment area to exercise when weather is good, which can not only chat with their neighbors, but also strengthen body and resist the cold caused by the sudden drop in temperature in autumn and winter.

However, some people do not understand the correct use of outdoor workout equipment, and only operate them according to their own preferences. Especially some children, unaware of this hidden danger, play with it like a toy, making people sweat for their safety.

So many wrong actions and improper use methods have virtually increased the chance of injury. Obvious external injuries are visible to us, but there are still many people who do wrong exercises for many years, causing joint injuries, ligament strains, and muscle strains without knowing them. These injuries that do not appear on the outside should be more vigilant.

 outdoor workout equipment

What are the correct use steps of outdoor workout equipment?

Many people think that the disadvantage of outdoor training equipment is that it can cause harm to people. In fact, if you learn the correct way to use it, you can avoid this disadvantage. Outdoor training equipment is prepared for people who know shiny points of whose. Faced with using rules, you should spend some time reading it.

1.The first is to read the instructions for use. If you are not sure about the specific use of a certain outdoor workout equipment, in this case, do not use it blindly. You should ask your fitness coach or read the instructions on the outdoor workout equipment. Only by understanding the practical methods of related devices can you master the correct use of related devices.

2.The second is to adjust outdoor workout equipment parameters. Some innovative outdoor training facility has levels that need to be adjusted, and the previous person may forget to adjust it back to the original parameters after using it.

3.Therefore, before using outdoor training facility, you should adjust the appropriate training intensity according to your own situation in order to make the operation smoother and safer, and achieve effective training effects. After all, level parameter of outdoor workout equipment is too large and it is easy to cause injury, and it is too low to reach the training goal.

4.Don't forget to adjust the range of motion slowly. After adjusting the exercise level of outdoor workout equipment, you should first use slow motion exercise to familiarize yourself with the operation flow of outdoor workout equipment and achieve the warm-up effect by the way.

When you ensure that you can perform the full range of motion correctly, gradually increase the speed of each operation, and you should also pay attention not to be too fast.


How to deal with emergencies during use of outdoor workout equipment?

In order to ensure safety, we recommend that young children, the elderly, and groups undergoing rehabilitation training should be accompanied by their family members when using outdoor workout equipment. Be careful not to operate outdoor workout equipment without registration certificate, periodic inspection report, safety precautions and warning signs.

When using it, you must consciously abide by the rules for using outdoor workout equipment. After an emergency, the best way is to call the relevant personnel and follow the instructions and arrangements of professionals.

If the outdoor workout equipment fails and the user is fixed in certain positions, please be patient and wait for the rescue, and do not try to break free without authorization, so as not to cause more injuries. At the same time, users should pay more attention to observe whether there are dangerous goods around when boarding outdoor workout equipment. If there are any, they need to report to the person in charge of outdoor workout facility management in time for professionals to eliminate them.


Outdoor workout facility is a good helper in our lives, but the wrong way to use it can cause harm to our body. Nanjing Wande Sports Industry Group Co., Ltd. reminds you that you should pay special attention to time and intensity when using outdoor workout equipment in autumn and winter to avoid muscle damage. For more tips on using outdoor exercise equipment, you can check on our website.

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