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How to use park fitness equipment safely?

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Since the installation of park fitness equipment, every evening and holidays, many residents walk out of their homes and walk into the park, and finally have a place to exercise. Even white-collars who sit in front of a computer all day are willing to spare half an hour to use outdoor fitness equipment. In view of the fact that most of the users of park fitness facility are not professionals, there are more or less improper aspects in the use.


Here is the content list:

What is the inappropriate operation of park fitness equipment?

What is the premise of park fitness equipment safety?

How to guide residents to use park fitness equipment safely?


What is the inappropriate operation of park fitness equipment?

Fan groups that recognize the concept of nature and healthy living are on the rise. However, under this upsurge of park fitness equipment, more serious problems seem to be occurring. Many people have injured their bodies due to incorrect use of park fitness equipment. No matter what the purpose of using park fitness equipment is, injury will by no means be one of them.

Skip warm up

One of the most common improper operations often occurs in office workers who are in a hurry. They skip or hurriedly do warm-up exercises when using park fitness equipment. In fact, this increases the risk of injury, because the body has not switched to exercise mode at all.

Be distracted by other things

If you occasionally look at your activity records while using outdoor fitness equipment, it can help you know when to reduce or increase your exercise intensity. But if you keep chatting with neighbors or friends, or addicted to mobile phones, it will cause you to be distracted and greatly increase the risk.

Exercise excessively

Excessive exercise or high intensity will increase the risk of injury. In order to compensate for the days when the exercise is not available, some busy people will compress the amount of two outdoor fitness equipment exercises to one time, which will lead to their bodies bearing more than they can.

Park fitness equipment 

What is the premise of park fitness equipment safety?

Whether park fitness equipment can operate normally and be used by residents smoothly, one of the key links is to ensure the normal and orderly installation of park fitness equipment.

There are two ways to install outdoor training facility. One is to use split installation for large park fitness facility. It is to transport the park fitness facility parts into the field separately, and then assemble the parts according to the corresponding installation process requirements.

The other is that for small ones, the overall installation method can be adopted, and the outdoor fitness equipment only needs to be debugged after installation.

Only if park fitness equipment is properly installed, can the normal and smooth operation of fitness activities be ensured, thereby increasing resident happiness and convenience. In fact, before applying for the installation of outdoor exercise equipment, five conditions must be met: 

1.Residents can walk for 8 to 10 minutes to reach outdoor exercise equipment;

2.It does not disturb the residents during the installation process;

3.It does not bring trouble to the fire passage;

4.It cannot be installed on steep slopes;

5.There cannot have residents object to the installation of outdoor exercise equipment.


How to guide residents to use park fitness equipment safely?

The advice for young people is to learn to assess their abilities before using park fitness equipment. Young people should look at what level of training they are suitable for. The purpose is to strengthen yourself, not as a tool for comparison.

Here comes the suggestion for middle-aged office workers. As a professional manufacturer, we have seen that many users are very impatient during fitness, always thinking about saving a little time, often such users are most vulnerable to injury!

Before using park fitness facility, you should do stretching training to increase the excitement of organs, so that the body can better adapt to the next activities, and the possibility of injury will be greatly reduced.

Some special park fitness equipment is very suitable for those who often study or work at the desk. The user needs to rely on the kicking force of the legs and the pulling force of the arms to move the body up and down, so as to achieve the purpose of exercising the joints of the limbs and the waist and abdomen muscles.

However, it is best not to use this kind of park fitness facility for patients undergoing rehabilitation training and elderly people whose lower back muscles have begun to degenerate. These two types of users should consult their doctors before using park fitness facility.


If you can spare time every week to use park fitness facility, you are already on the road to improving your body condition. Nanjing Wande Sports Industry Group Co., Ltd. reminds users that Rome was not built in a day, the use of outdoor fitness facility should be gradual. To learn more about the use of park fitness facility, welcome to browse more news on our website.

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