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How to use public fitness equipment safely?

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It is undeniable that having a good figure is always enviable. Compared with middle or high-income groups, public fitness equipment has become the choice of more middle or low-income groups. At the same time, public fitness facility has been added to related supporting policies because of its public welfare. However, since more people are using it, and number of injured people is also rising. This article wants to tell you how to use public fitness equipment is the safest.


Here is the content list:

What are the consequences of incorrectly using public fitness equipment?

What are the precautions when you on public fitness equipment?

How to deal with emergencies when using public fitness equipment?


What are the consequences of incorrectly using public fitness equipment?

Sports trauma refers to various injuries that occur during training, and the trauma location is related to the type of public fitness implement and training way. If you do not pay attention to the safe use of public fitness implement, you are likely to get wound due to the following ones.

Muscle cramps

It is believed that many people have suffered at least once torture of muscle disobedience, especially for growing and developing teenagers, this symptom is more frequent. Muscle spasm is a tonic muscle contraction that cannot relieve relaxation. If you don’t perform proper preparation activities before using public fitness facility, it is easy to cause muscle spasms.

Muscle ache

If you overuse public fitness facility, you may feel refreshed from sweating profusely that day, but the next day, you will feel sore and stiff muscles in your thighs and calves, which can last for a week in severe cases. Muscle aches are the most common sequelae of improper use of public fitness facility.


Falling down or slipping while using public fitness implement can easily lead to sprains. Generally speaking, sprains require a longer recovery period. Stop using public training implement immediately after sprain to prevent repeated or aggravated injuries.

Knee injury

When using public training equipment, there are many reasons for knee pain, both external factors and internal reasons. One of the big reasons is the venue, because the impact of a venue without soft surface on the knee is relatively large, which can easily cause knee injury and knee pain.

public fitness equipment 

What are the precautions when you on public fitness equipment?

To warm up when using public fitness equipment, you must avoid exercising without warming up in advance. Warming up helps activate muscles and make ligaments more elastic. A few sets of stretching exercises can achieve good results. The standard warm-up time is 10-15 minutes, which can effectively reduce the risk of injury when using public fitness equipment.

Choose the right sports shoes. Don't wear shoes with very slippery soles during exercise, because there is nothing worse than a fall when using public fitness equipment. Choose comfortable and breathable sports shoes, and don't forget to wash and replace sports shoes in time. This will not only keep the public fitness equipment clean, but also reduce the risk of accidental falls.

Do not use public fitness equipment when you are unwell. If you are sick, overly tired, or feel weak, try to avoid exercising. Because it is difficult for a person to maintain physical balance when whose body condition is bad, the chance of injury will increase greatly. In addition, when the muscles are weak, all the burden of the body will fall on the connective tissue structure, and it is easy to cause joint and ligament strain.


How to deal with emergencies when using public fitness equipment?

If you encounter the above situations while using public fitness equipment, you should first gradually slow down the exercise speed until you stop the equipment. Do not rest on public fitness equipment, so as not to affect the exercise of other athletes. Then, you have to massage or stretch the cramped muscles until the pain disappears.

If congestion is caused by using public training facility, you should look for ice packs as soon as possible. If you can't find it, you can replace it with popsicles and ice water, place it on the injured area, and apply ice for 10-15 minutes. It is best to apply ice packs every 2 to 3 hours in the early stage, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of swelling.


If an injury that is more serious than the above-mentioned occurs while using public training facility, or the pain cannot be relieved, you should seek medical attention immediately. The later the delay, the more likely the situation will get worse. Public fitness equipment is our good helper. Even if someone uses them and causes injuries, we should not regard it as a scourge. Nanjing Wande Sports Industry Group Co., Ltd. believes that as long as you master the corresponding operating methods, you will be able to enjoy the perfect experience brought by outdoor exercise equipment happily.

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