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Introduction of Commercial Playground Equipment

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The benefits of Commercial Playground Equipment are many, not only can cultivate children's physical fitness, stimulate children's sports potential, exercise the child's spirit of adventure, to develop children's good physical quality. Commercial Playground Equipment is a new generation of children's amusement projects with low requirements for the site, simple installation, and maintenance-free later. Here are some answers

Commercial Playground Equipment

Here is the content list:

l Before riding Commercial Playground Equipment must do "four looks".

l Comparison of domestic and international standards for Commercial Playground Equipment.

Before riding Commercial Playground Equipment must do "four looks".

We would like to remind the consumers that before riding Commercial Playground Equipment, they must do a "four look": a look at Commercial Playground Equipment for the crowd. Whether the Commercial Playground Equipment is suitable for their physical condition, to understand the requirements of the facility for age or certain diseases patients to ride, choose the right Commercial Playground Equipment for their consumption. The second look at the passenger information. Understand the characteristics of the movement of Commercial Playground Equipment, instructions for use, safety protection instructions, and warnings, to have a good idea. Listen carefully to the explanation of safety knowledge and safety matters made by the staff, and ask questions in time if you are not clear. Three look at the security signs. Check whether the equipment has a safety inspection certificate, and is within the validity of the inspection. Do not take the Commercial Playground Equipment without the use of a registration certificate, and no regular inspection report. four to see the safety device. To check whether the safety devices (such as seat belts, safety bars, etc.) are complete and effective. If there are incomplete safety devices that cannot be used properly, refuse to ride or play.

At the same time, consumers should be careful not to take children to ride the more dangerous Commercial Playground Equipment, ride, obey the management of the arrangements, and consciously fasten the safety belt and other safety protection devices, with good safety measures. Do not panic when the Commercial Playground Equipment is turned on, but follow the instructions of the staff to avoid unnecessary injuries. If you find commercial playground equipment without a license or safety inspection, you should report it in time, so that the relevant departments can investigate and deal with it to protect the consumer safety of other consumers. If a safety accident occurs on the business premises, be careful to keep the evidence at the scene for future complaints.

Comparison of domestic and international standards for Commercial Playground Equipment.

Comparing the standards of children's playgrounds in different countries, we can see that the European Union and the United States have started to develop standards earlier, and the system is relatively comprehensive and specific. The development of ASTM standards is based on the analysis and summary of CPSC and NEISS injury data, reflecting the scientific nature of standard-setting. The European Union's standards integrate the standards of many countries within the organization, with wide applicability, and according to the standards developed a corresponding product certification system to ensure the safety and quality of Commercial Playground Equipment. The national standard is partly equivalent to the EU standard and combined with the actual situation in China to integrate and supplement the classification of Commercial Playground Equipment according to the type of power and parameters, according to the definition of no power issued by the slide, swing standards, and by the definition of small Playground Equipment. The standards for rocking horses and seesaws, as well as three-dimensional climbing nets, were released. At present, the domestic standards are not systematic, although the technical and safety requirements are stipulated for Commercial Playground Equipment, there is a lack of standards for the overall planning, installation, maintenance, and supervision of children's playgrounds.

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