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Join outdoor playground and fitness party at your doorstep

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TUV Fitness Equipments (7)A diversity of outdoor fitness opportunities will have the side benefit of  creating a multi-generational area that family members can use together. Cities installing outdoor gyms demonstrate in a very concrete way that they are about the health and fitness of their neighbors, but the benefits of a well-planned outdoor gym extend beyond just physical wellness. Perhaps more than any other park amenity, the gym brings unacquainted community members close proximity to one another.

Some outdoor fitness equipment is even designed to accommodate multiple users, inviting conversation as individuals work out on the various elements. In this way, an outdoor gym can serve to strengthen community ties and increase socialization.

When planning an outdoor fitness, various factors should be taken into consideration: the size of the space available, the type of layout desired, and the demographics the gym will serve. A relatively small area can serve a substantial number of users with the right equipment selection. Choose outdoor fitness equipment that accommodates multiple users on each footprint to maximize the available space. For larger areas, the gym can be separated into various zones – one zone for entry-level exercises; one for boot-camp style workouts; an open space for Zumba, stretching and other activities.

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