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New type of children's amusement project Outdoor expansion project Sports park amusement equipment

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The purpose of studying the design of outdoor preschool educational amusement in the community is to provide a certain theoretical research basis for a more reasonable and effective design. Analyze the problems exposed by children's amusement facilities in domestic communities, summarize the physiological and psychological needs of children of all ages in daily outdoor amusement, propose the purpose, purpose, and method of the design of outdoor preschool educational amusement, and apply the summarized design principles to actual design projects. Argument. Conclusion The design of outdoor amusement facilities for preschool children in the community should consider environmental needs, follow the age-oriented semi-separation, recreational function integration, and psychological comfort needs by the sports and play psychological needs of children of all ages, and improve The daily utilization rate of outdoor fitness equipment to promote the healthy development of children in the community.

outdoor preschool educational amusement

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What can sports bring to children?


Focus on sports enlightenment courses, the purpose is to cultivate children's interest in sports, release children's nature, and at the same time establish children's sense of rules to prepare for school.

Develop children's flexibility, balance skills, running skills, jumping skills, rolling skills, imagination and concentration, learning in sports, Outdoor fitness equipment, and interest development.

What can sports bring to children?

1. Improve physical fitness and reduce illness

Children’s regular participation in systematic and scientific sports can not only enhance the child’s resistance, but also enhance the tolerance to the outdoor fitness equipment, so that the child is not easy to get sick, and it is not easy to be afraid of heat. It can also prevent the occurrence of some diseases.

2. Promote growth and heighten

Physical exercise can enhance the function of the various organ systems of the child's body and make the child healthy. The child can grow taller because of the growth of the whole body's bones, especially the growth of long bones because the epiphyseal cartilage at both ends of the long bones is the growth point of the bone.

Exercise accelerates the blood circulation throughout the body, improves the blood supply in the developing bone tissue of the child, and absorbs more nutrients, thereby accelerating the growth of the bones, so that the child will grow taller.

3.Improve social skills and be willing to communicate

Regularly letting children participate in some physical exercises not only makes the children's personality lively and cheerful but also makes them better at talking with others. The unique competition and coordination mechanism of sports give children more opportunities to express and communicate and express emotions through communication.

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