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Precautions for outdoor playground equipment using

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Every weekend, there are many people who want to go out and relax. The best option is to go to the outdoor playground. You can play a lot of outdoor playground equipment here, whether it is with your friends or with your family. But the most important thing to go out to play is safety, so I want to tell you some precautions in the outer space playground.


Outdoor playground equipment

Precautions for use


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Outdoor playground equipment

1. Seesaw, swing, parallel bars, etc.

Recreational facilities such as seesaws, swings, and parallel bars are visible in our community, and they are simple in structure and easy to play.

2. roller coaster

The roller coaster is a kind of motorized amusement ride. It is generally built in an amusement park. It mainly uses gravity and inertia to make the train travel on the track, thus achieving a thrill of thrilling and thrilling.

3. Ferris wheel

A large and medium-sized revolving entertainment facility in the Ferris Wheel has a cockpit for tourists. During the rotation of the Ferris wheel, visitors can enjoy the beautiful scenery. In addition, a legend about the Ferris wheel, when the couple reached the height of the Ferris wheel, the two sides kiss, the two will be together forever, for this reason, the Ferris wheel has the meaning of happiness, and thus the public's favorite.

4. Pirate Ship

The pirate ship is a newly designed viewing car amusement equipment. It is a kind of reciprocating swing around the horizontal axis. Because of its shape, it is named after the ancient pirate ship. Therefore, it is popular among tourists through its unique shape.

5. jumping machine

The jumper is a very exciting game, that is, the tourists sit on the passenger platform, then lift the passengers up and then let them automatically fall vertically. The principle is designed by the free fall phenomenon learned in the physics class.

6. Bumper car

The bumper car is also a kind of motorized ride. There is an electric bumper car for passengers on the field. It provides electricity through the grid on the ceiling to simulate the driving effect of the collision. Due to the unique design of its body, its safety performance is greatly improved, and it is a favorite ride for many children and even adults.


Precautions for use

1. Before taking a large-scale amusement equipment, consumers should first observe whether there is an inspection certificate issued by the supervisory inspection department in a conspicuous position. It is best not to ride or play without a certificate of inspection or a valid period of overtime. In addition, it is necessary to observe whether the safety management of the operating facilities of the amusement facilities is standardized. It is best to check if the playground or park has these conditions.


2. Before you take the ride, you must ride as required. When taking the rides, if you find that the rides have abnormal sound, smell, jitter, shaking, etc.You should leave the outdoor playground equipment and inform the outdoor playground equipment management personnel.


3. Obey the command of the manager; play the seat belt in the play, buckle the locking device, and observe whether the safety bar is pressed. Do not climb over the railings or cross the cordon, pay special attention to managing your child. Do not upstream or downstream equipment until the facility has completely stopped.


4. Pregnant women, alcohol abuse or those with cardiovascular or cerebrovascular disease, high blood pressure, neck, back problems or physical discomfort. If the height or age does not meet the standard, please do not take the ride. When taking the ride, do not smoke or carry or eat any food or drink. When the weather is not good, please do not take outdoor play equipment.



Don't create safety hazards because of carelessness. You should not only pay attention to your own safety but also remind you of the safety of your friends or family. Then you can start your happy weekend. There are many kinds of equipment in the outer space playground. You can choose the outdoor playground equipment to play.

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