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Safety Standards for Commercial Playground Equipment

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Commercial Playground Equipment refers to the equipment that can provide fun and play, Commercial Playground Equipment for children and adolescents with naughty characteristics, and carefully designed new projects. Next, let's take a look at what are the safety standards of Commercial Playground Equipment? Here are some answers.

Commercial Playground Equipment

Here is the content list:

l Safety Insurance Measures

l Passenger safety restraint device

l Safety requirements for safety fence and platform

l Other safety requirements

Safety Insurance Measures

Commercial Playground Equipment in the air running passenger part, the overall structure should be solid and reliable, and its important parts should take insurance measures. The number of wire ropes or chains used to hang the passenger section shall not be less than two. The connection with the seat part must be considered a break to maintain balance. More than 1m from the ground closed cockpit door, must be set up inside the passenger cannot open the two locking devices or a locking device with insurance. Non-closed cockpit at the entrance and exit of the block, but also with insurance locking device. When Commercial Playground Equipment is in operation, the power supply suddenly power outage or equipment failure, endangering the safety of the passengers and must have an automatic or manual emergency stop device. Commercial Playground Equipment in operation after the failure, there should be measures to guide the passengers.

Passenger safety restraint device

When Commercial Playground Equipmentis in operation and the occupants are likely to be moved, collided or thrown out, or slipped out of the ride, there must be a restraint device for the occupants. For the Playground Equipment with greater danger, two sets of independent restraint devices should be considered when necessary. Can be used as safety belts, safety pressure bars, stop bars, etc. Restraint devices should be reliable, comfortable, and direct contact with the occupants of the parts have appropriate softness. The design of the restraint device should be able to prevent a part of the occupant from being pinched or crushed, should be easy to adjust, and easy to operate. Can be used alone for slight sway or lift speed is slow, no flip no be thrown out of danger on the facility, use the safety belt should generally be equipped with an auxiliary handle. Commercial Playground Equipment running, may cause the occupant to be thrown out of danger, so must set the corresponding type of safety pressure bar; Safety pressure bar itself must have enough strength and locking force, to ensure that visitors are not thrown out or fall, and in the equipment to stop running before always in Locked state.

Safety requirements for safety fence and platform

A safety fence should be set up separately at the entrance and exit, at the entrance should be set up to guide the fence, and the platform should have anti-slip measures. Safety fence door opening direction should be consistent with the direction of passenger travel (except in special circumstances). To prevent injury to the hands of personnel when closing the door, the gap between the door frame and the column should be appropriate or take other protective measures. For Commercial Playground Equipment, the entrance and exit of the passenger section shall not be higher than 300 mm above the platform while running. the height of the entrance and exit of the passenger section of other Commercial Playground Equipment from the platform shall be convenient for getting on and off.

Other safety requirements

Commercial Playground Equipment should be set up in the necessary places and parts of the prominent safety signs. Safety signs are divided into four types, such as prohibition signs (red), warning signs (yellow), instruction signs (blue), and reminder signs (green). Where passengers can reach, exposed sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs, and dangerous protrusions are not allowed, etc. Culverts through which Commercial Playground Equipment passes should be made of materials that do not easily fall off, and decorations should be fixed firmly.

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