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The instruction of commercial outdoor playground equipment

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Choose the right outdoor playground equipment

Outdoor playground inspection and maintenance


No matter what type of outdoor playground equipment you want to buy, it is necessary to do a good job of investigating them. For example, do you know the instruction of commercial outdoor playground equipment?

Choose the right outdoor playground equipment

The size of your yard will be the main factor in determining which backyard playground is best for you. You need a safe game area. Therefore, make sure there is at least 6 feet of space around the game unit. We offer a wide range of durable, durable wooden, plastic and metal playground sets. In addition, manufacturers are making it easier than ever to assemble pre-cut, pre-drilled and pre-stained pieces. In many cases, outer space playground equipment is ready to assemble everything you need, including wood, accessories and hardware.

Your new ride will provide kids with hours of creative outer space playground games and soaring fun. A wide range of accessories and accessories are available. Let your boys and girls be busy with swings, trapeze, monkey bars, slides and saw saws. Consider a playground setting with a fort at the top and a sandbox below. Choose other options such as rock walls, ladders or food stalls. There are many options. Moreover, when your children are playing and playing, they also exercise and develop motor skills.WD-FJ010A 99005868 (1)

Outdoor playground inspection and maintenance 

The safety of children on the outdoor playground does not depend solely on the initial design of the site and the choice of equipment. If children are to be creatively creative, they must continue to manage and provide quality inspection and maintenance programs.

1. Inspection. Inspection should cover the entire site - not just equipment. All paths, fences, seats, etc. need to be checked.

2. Routine inspection. This will focus on the basic situation of the outdoor playground equipment, especially the fault caused by recent vandalism. Such inspections may be conducted by the manager or his or her staff and shall be recorded on a simple form or book. The equipment supplier shall provide a list. Frequency varies by site and local usage, but should be considered as a minimum every week.

3. Operational inspection. This is seen in more detail on the outer space playground equipment, mainly vandalism and some types of minor wear and tear. Such inspections may be conducted by the manager or his or her staff and shall be recorded. Quarterly inspections may not be necessary through good routine hands-on inspections related to annual inspections.

4. Annual inspection. This should be done by an expert who is not related to the outdoor playground operator or manager. Essentially, it involves vandalism, minor and major wear, long-term structural problems, changes in standard compliance and design practices, and risk assessment. Such inspections are provided by insurance companies, outdoor playground equipment manufacturers, commercial companies and security organizations. The organization should be inspected to ensure that the insurance company can be inspected and provide appropriate professional compensation.

5. Training. Staff members who are advised to perform regular inspections should perform some basic training during the playground inspection. The contractor should be able to provide training evidence. For single-player outdoor playground operators, training may be related to annual inspections.

6. Quality Control. If a commercial company conducts an inspection, it is helpful to have an independent random inspection by an independent organization. This is especially necessary for contracting inspections such as landscape contractors. Internal system auditing is very useful for large organizations.

7. Maintenance. No inspection procedure is required unless there is a repair failure and a replacement part structure. There should be systems for recording and checking repairs. If available, the original parts of the manufacturer should be used.

8. Manufacturer's instructions. Outdoor layground equipment should not be purchased without detailed information on inspection and maintenance requirements. Instructions for the age of the equipment should be retained and special inspections should be performed prior to the expiration of the warranty period.

9. Surfacing. Care should be taken to check the stability of the surface treatment. If necessary, the economic impact absorption test can be used as part of the annual inspection.

10. Post-installation inspection. Before accepting, carefully check that the new outdoor playground and equipment meet the claim, specifications and installation procedures. This inspection is not economical if only one item is placed on the site, but it can be done as part of an annual inspection, as they will be under warranty if there are any errors.


The outdoor playground area offers health benefits as well as new learning opportunities, and because balancing mental and physical activities can improve student productivity, it is important to choose the right playground product to successfully achieve this balance. The Wande Group has the quality products and expertise to make it easier to create functional and attractive outdoor playground spaces.

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