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The meaning of Commercial Playground Equipment and inspection

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Commercial Playground Equipment is a comprehensive Commercial Playground Equipment with a novel concept, chic overall shape, and scientific and technological content that integrates jumping, climbing, drilling, sliding, swinging, rolling and shaking, etc. Next, let's take a look at Commercial Playground Equipment. Playground Equipment and inspection and maintenance of the basic meaning. Here are some answers.

Commercial Playground Equipment

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l The basic meaning of Commercial Playground Equipment.

l Inspection and maintenance of Commercial Playground Equipment.

The basic meaning of Commercial Playground Equipment.

Commercial Playground Equipment is both safe and exciting and fun, it can give full play and cultivate the thinking ability of children and adolescents and overcome difficulties and positive spirit, can play the role of physical exercise, children and adolescents never get tired of playing, very like Commercial Playground Equipment. Equipment is suitable for large department stores and parks, youth palaces, cultural palaces, real estate companies, clubs, and other units. Especially the modern department stores, set leisure, entertainment, shopping and integration, the advantages of mutual complement, drive the promotion, its economic benefits are very considerable. For example, in the amusement park children's outdoor swing playground, a swing is engraved in the childhood memory as the most interesting device rest of leisure time, gently swinging swing, swaying the trajectory of childhood happiness Si light. When swinging, the body will swing back and forth with the swing. Between the rapidly changing forward and backward states. Can coordinate the body's balance, and promote the development of children's brain and cerebellum and limb coordination. The grasp of the child's muscles, the grasp of the multidimensional direction, has been greatly improved.

Inspection and maintenance of Commercial Playground Equipment.

Damage to Playground Equipment caused by vandalism, inclement weather, foreign objects on the ground, and dislodged protective equipment are common occurrences in children's playgrounds, and an effective monitoring system can ensure the safety of children's play. The U.S. Public Playground Safety Manual specifies that playgrounds need to have a comprehensive and systematic inspection and maintenance program, and the U.S. has created a standardized system of documentation and training for the certification of children's playground safety inspectors. The EN 1176-7 standard suggests that playgrounds require regular safety inspections at three levels during use: routine, operational and annual. Meanwhile, EU member states such as Germany's DIN SPEC 79161 require annual inspections to be carried out by professional playground inspectors who have passed tests and obtained FLL/BSFH qualifications.

The national standard GB/T 3022-2013 "Commercial Playground Equipment Safety Use Management" puts forward specific requirements for the equipment management, personnel responsibilities, and safety inspection of Commercial Playground Equipment, but its content is mainly for Commercial Playground Equipment. But its content is mainly for Commercial Playground Equipment, such Commercial Playground Equipment safety managers and operators need to refer to the provisions of TSG Y6001-2008, after passing the examination and holding a license to work. At present, the national standard has not specified the requirements for the safety inspection and inspector qualification of Commercial Playground Equipment. With the increase in the number and types of Commercial Playground Equipment, the requirements for the maintenance inspection, inspector qualification and government supervision of children's playgrounds are more urgent.

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