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The required functions of playground equipment(1)

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1.Mountain the interests of the children

A good playground equipment will let children play itself repeatedly, in a variety of angles to think, and play for a long time without boredom. Children are always curious, they often create a new method to play the playground equipment.

2. Allow children living in the leading position

Children learn from the active operation, if the children play the playground equipment and get victorious experience, they will get a sense of accomplishment, this way, they will become a people who have courage to pursue the challenge.

3.Design for children of different age

Playground equipments should have difference according to the different age, children like to play with playground equipment which can let do their own operations, too hard to play will make the child feel frustrated, and too simple will make them feel bored.

4.Stimulate the senses

A good playground equipment can provide appropriate sensory stimulation, such as: a special sound, a different feel, bright colors, and some beloved form, they can be used to stimulate the child vision, hearing, smell, touch and so on. Children can also learn fundamental concepts through playground equipment: size, weight, color, balance and so on. 


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