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What are the advantages and disadvantages of outdoor playground equipment?

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Children’s outdoor playground equipment are generally relatively large, placed in a spacious place, its main role is exercising the child’s physical activity. Compared with indoor educational toys, it has a difference in nature, so now we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of children’s outdoor playground equipment.

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The main points are as follows:

  • The Advantages of outdoor playground equipment

  • The Disadvantages of outdoor playground equipment

  • Precautions For Using Outdoor Playground Equipment


1. The Advantages of outdoor playground equipment

First, when playing, children can exercise and improve physical.

Second, in most cases children play the outdoor playground equipment not single but a group , which makes the children’s sense of cooperation has been improved.

Third, when playing, children can enjoy the fresh air, enjoy the nature, feel more comfortable, which has a great benefit for their character training.

However, everything has two sides, then we take a look at the disadvantages of children’s outdoor playground equipment.


2. The Disadvantages of outdoor playground equipment

First, after all, it is playing in the outdoors, so it is effected by the environmental and weather, resulting in a lot of inconvenience.


Second, when playing, it will appear the situation of jostling by the children inevitable which resulting in a certain degree of security issues.


Third, the outdoor playground equipment is exposed to the air and the outside for a long time, and it will inevitably be damaged. If the conditions are limited or the nursery is not in place, the safety of children may be threatened.


So outdoor playground equipment have two sides, as parents should dare to let children access to this type of outdoor playground equipment, because it has a general irreplaceable advantages compared with indoor toys, but at the same time, security is considered the first element to do, so reasonable inspection is a must, in order to let the children play with more confidence, more secure.


In addition, when playing outdoor playground equipment, parents must pay attention to develop your baby’s sense of self-protection, do not rush to play broken equipment, develop mutual modest compromise, organize a good habit of course. In words, children can learn more when playing together with others.


3. Precautions For Using Outdoor Playground Equipment


A) Never push or roughhouse while on jungle gyms, slides, seesaws, swings, and other outdoor playground equipment.


B) Use outdoor playground equipment properly — slide feet-first, don't climb outside guardrails, no standing on swings, etc.


C) Always check to make sure no other kids are in the way if they're going to jump off outdoor playground equipment or slide, and land on both feet with their knees slightly bent.


D) Leave bikes, backpacks, and bags away from the outdoor playground equipment and the play area so that no one trips over them.


E) Always wear a helmet while bike riding, but take it off while on playground equipment.

F) Never use playground equipment that's wet because moisture makes the surfaces slippery.

G) Check playground equipment in the summertime. It can become uncomfortably or even dangerously hot, especially metal slides, handrails, and steps. So use good judgment — if the equipment feels hot to the touch, it's probably not safe or fun to play on. Contact burns can happen within seconds.

H) Wear clothes without drawstrings or cords. Drawstrings, purses, and necklaces could get caught on outdoor playground equipment and accidentally strangle a child.


I) Wear sunscreen when playing outside even on cloudy days to protect against sunburn.

4. You can make the playground entertaining and safe for your kids by checking outdoor playground equipment for possible hazards and following some simple safety guidelines. And teaching kids how to play safely is important: If they know the rules of the playground, they're less likely to get hurt.


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