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What are the advantages and disadvantages of public fitness equipment?

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If you enter public fitness equipment into a search engine, you can almost immediately see a bunch of gossip about injuries caused by public fitness equipment in disrepair. Those very attractive titles make people fear and doubt them. In fact, outdoor fitness solutions should be our helpers, not the causer of injuries.


Here is the content list:

What is the significance of using public fitness equipment?

What kind of dilemma is facing public fitness equipment?

How to protect and make full use of public fitness equipment?


What is the significance of using public fitness equipment?

In recent years, we have often heard calls for national fitness exercises. This appeal is to let everyone achieve physical fitness through approaching outdoor fitness solutions. If the physical fitness of people improves, the country will become stronger. Among them, compared to expensive gym courses, the most convenient solution is to use public fitness equipment.

Through the use of public fitness equipment, the physical fitness of the people is improved. Especially since this year, the COVID-19 and various epidemics have threatened the safety of the people, and it is urgent to improve their physical fitness.

Actively using outdoor fitness equipment to improve physical fitness can help reduce illnesses, actively save unnecessary expenses, and improve everyone's living standards and quality of life. Especially young people, if they have a strong physique since childhood, our sports career will also be thriving and flourishing.


What kind of dilemma is facing outdoor fitness equipment?

With the continuous development of the economy and society, while meeting the material needs of the general outdoor, the demand for fitness continues to grow, and community sports also develop rapidly. However, although the demand for outdoor fitness equipment is so urgent, it is difficult to meet in real life.

Lack management

At present, many communities are equipped with fitness plazas, but some have been rusted and unmaintained, and some outdoor fitness venues have even turned into parking lots.

Since there were cars parked here, the number of residents coming to exercise gradually decreased. If this behavior is not stopped, the fitness venue will soon be crushed, and outdoor fitness equipment will also be damaged.

Beyond service life

In general, if there are two batches of outdoor fitness equipment in the community, the old one was donated by the Sports Bureau many years ago, and the new batch is newly added by the community. In this case, old public fitness equipment in these communities has long exceeded their service life. Although new public fitness equipment was purchased and installed, the old batch has not been properly dismantled.

Narrow application

Relatively speaking, the number of public fitness facility in the community is still relatively large, but basically, they are only suitable for adults to exercise, and there is too little for the kids. When using public fitness facility with children, parents should not patronize their own exercises, and must be careful not to let their children board them.


How to protect and make full use of public fitness equipment?

In the daytime, the elderly and children who use fitness facilities are mainly people with weaker physiques. In the event that they are injured, the purchaser of public fitness equipment needs to bear the corresponding responsibilities.

Therefore, in order to prevent residents from being injured during exercise, purchaser not only need to regularly replace and maintain fitness equipment, but also conduct regular inspections of public fitness facility.

In addition, some people may think that the noise of public fitness facility is a major disadvantage. In fact, the reason for the noise is that the facility is seriously aging and there is no regular maintenance. As long as it is scientifically maintained, the sound of the fitness facility will not affect the residents.

In order to further elevating the construction of outdoor fitness implement, purchasers can use this maintenance and replacement as a new starting point, vigorously contribute to the sports spirit, carefully organize various sports activities, and mobilize and encourage more people to participate in sports.


Nanjing Wande Sports Industry Group Co., Ltd. once again appeals to the general outdoor to take care of outdoor fitness implement in a civilized manner. It is not only the buyer's responsibility to cherish outdoor fitness implement, but also to all the users. A healthy environment requires everyone to protect it. Only in this way can the advantages of public fitness equipment be brought into play and the disadvantages caused by improper management be avoided.

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