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What are the outdoor fitness equipment?

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We know that more and more people are using Outer space Playground. This article mainly introduces what is outdoor fitness equipment and some basic fitness equipment.



Introduction for the outdoor fitness equipment

The equipment set in the Aircraft series playset, the target group is the public, its wide-ranging makes it simple, easy to learn, and quick effect. But it is a device after all, it needs to master the basic essentials of operation, step by step in exercise, not to be reluctant and competing, to achieve the harmonious unity of the human body and equipment. In this way, it is possible to effectively avoid sports injuries caused by blind operations.

Types for the outdoor fitness equipment

  • Stretching class

Ribbed wooden frames, horizontal bars and other leg presses. This type of exercise does not claim that the elderly are pressing their legs hard or lifting their legs to a high pressure. High pressure does not mean health. The recommended maximum is not to shoulder.

It is also very important to use the lower waist trainer because there is less water in the muscles and soft tissues of the elderly, and there are some elderly people with loose bones. If they are not good, they will damage the lumbar spine.

Tip 1:

(1) Lifting the leg too high when pressing the leg will threaten the femoral head and spine of the elderly.

(2) Try not to use the stretch trainer.


  • Twisting

Twisting fitness equipment such as twisting devices. The waist of the elderly is stiffer and the movements are as slow and soft as possible. Too fast to twist can cause small muscle strain around the spine, which can adversely affect the intervertebral disc and may cause disc herniation. Therefore, when doing twisting, you should do your best, don't distort yourself, especially if you don't use too much force.

Tip 1: When twisting, turn 180 degrees, it is safe to use 3 to 4 seconds, and individual elderly can use 1 to 2 seconds. Don't use explosive power.

Usually used for three people twisting the waist, many people exercise at the same time, in order to prevent the occurrence of sprains.


  • Aerobic equipment

Some elderly people increase the stride on the spacewalker, spanning 160 degrees to 180 degrees, and the spacewalker as a "dynamic kicker" is quite dangerous. Because it may cause the hip ligament to relax, it is easy to cause dislocation. Dr. He suggested that the elderly should repeat more low-intensity aerobic exercise.

Tip 3: Do not swing on the same side of the spacewalker. This kind of gameplay has no fitness effect, and it may fall if you don't pay attention.

The health rider is a kind of exercise equipment that is more suitable for the elderly. When playing, pay attention to the head backwards and try to pull back to the body. This will help prevent and improve cervical spondylosis.

Tip 4: People with disc herniation must not play the rider.

The skater is also a device suitable for the elderly to exercise, but some old comrades are playing too fast in playing this kind of equipment. Calculated in a cycle of 360 degrees, the average elderly friend should not exceed 1.5 to 2 cycles in one second.

Tip 5: Excessive exercise speed will cause excessive exercise load on the heart. Older friends with heart disease should pay great attention.


  • Community fitness equipment

(1) Horizontal bar. The purpose of the elderly to do the horizontal bar is mainly to stimulate the muscles. The 60-year-old elderly does not have to do too fast and too much, and does not need to do everything possible. People with moderate symptoms of disc herniation can do moderate flexion on the horizontal bar, feet on the ground, and do more than half of the weight hanging, the function is equivalent to hanging traction.

Tip 6: An old friend who can't do a pull-up on the horizontal bar, don't hang on the horizontal bar, beware of shoulder dislocation.

(2) Squatting in place. Older people with softened tibia are not suitable.

Special note: For instruments with barbells, don't try to use them with 100% effort. Walking on the balance beam, it is advisable to walk on the hand and not challenge yourself indefinitely. Don't walk carelessly on it, but it can easily cause a fracture if it falls.


Be sure to read and pay attention to the reminder sign and instructions before using the fitness equipment. If the equipment is marked as “Children should not use it”, the guardian should strengthen the care of the child and prevent the child from using the fitness equipment. For more information on outdoor fitness equipment, please feel free to contact us.

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