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What are the precautions for using ourdoor fitness equipment?

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It is well known that physical exercise can bring us health, both physically and mentally. Many people are starting to work out to build up their bodies. However, how to use outdoor fitness equipment has become a big problem, the reason is that there is no special sports instructor for most people. As a result, many people go into the wrong area of fitness, not only does not improve health but also affects people's physical health. In order to solve this problem, this paper puts forward some suggestions about the usage of outdoor workout equipment.

This article contains the following:

Basic Precautions for outdoor fitness equipment

Fitness equipment suitable for different people

Further Precaution for Main outdoor fitness equipment 


1.Basic Precautions for outdoor fitness equipment

①For people who often participate in physical exercise, they need to grasp the speed of exercise, generally with the appropriate pulse not more than 110 times per minute(the highest should not exceed 120 times/minute). Comrades who do not take part in physical exercise often or at all should first choose sports events that suit them.

②Make good preparations before exercise and warm up for about 10-15 minutes. This arrangement will prevent ankle twisting, waist twisting and nerve damage from happening.

③Tidy up after exercise. After exercise, our body is in motion hind capillary dilate. If we sit on the ground in place motionless, the blood of our body is in the far end not able to return to the heart. In this scenario , we can feel the heart is choked. For those who have the old comrade of hypertension and heart disease, they should go even after motion, buffer 10 minutes or so.

④To master the exercise time. Each time exercise time had better be in 40 minutes or so, not less than 30 minutes or exceed 1 hour.

outdoor fitness equipment

2.Fitness equipment suitable for different people

①Old people: Take the horizontal bar for example. Some older people may think that if they had more traction, they would be healthier. In fact, the main purpose of the bar is to stimulate the muscles, and people in their 60s don't have to do it too fast or too hard. They don't have to try their best. They can do horizontal bar arm moderate buckle, foot to the ground, do more than half the weight of vertical suspension, which can also play a good role in training.

②Young man: Take the elliptical machine for example. Some young people want to change their body shape. And they think that the longer they do it, the more they'll lose weight. However, that's wrong. The main function of elliptical machine is to improve the locomotion ability of upper and lower limbs and the flexibility of joints. If used for a long time without good buffering, it may cause joint discomfort.

③Children: Take the seesaw for example. Children are naturally interesting, with no sense of danger when using fitness equipment in the community. Therefore, whether it is suitable for children to develop outdoor exercise equipment, it should be judged by adults, and used under the supervision of adults.

3.Further Precaution for Main outdoor fitness equipment 

①Treadmill: Both hands should grasp the bar to prevent falling; The swing of the legs should not be too large which can avoid muscle strain.

②Horizontal Bar Combination: Grip the horizontal bar with both hands to prevent injuries from falling down.

③Rotate Waist Fitness Device: The waist should be controlled when twisting, and the range should not be too large. Never leave the handle, keep twisting waist Angle below 45 degrees, twist speed should be slow and even.

④Waist and Back Massager: Moderate exertion, slow movement to fast.

⑤Seesaw: Both hands should hold the handrail, and the oscillation frequency should not be too fast or too large, otherwise it will easily lead to vertebra compression fracture or coccyx in osteoporosis patients.

⑥Spacewalk: Don't swing too much. Especially for the elders, their muscle flexibility is poor, if the legs swing too much or too fast, it is easy for them to pull the muscles around the spine. Therefore, the amplitude of the swing leg should be about 45°, and the frequency should be controlled at about 3 seconds each time.

⑦Push Strength Training Device: Elders with hip osteomalacia can not use this equipment. The main symptom of hip osteomalacia is often knee pain at ordinary times. For such elderly people, the original load bearing function of the hip joint is not good, if the force machine exercise, the extensor knee muscles may be damaged, thereby exacerbating the condition.

Only reasonable use of outdoor fitness equipment can get twice the result with half the effort. Our body will become stronger and healthier.

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