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What are the precautions when installing public fitness equipment?

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Since the successful bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics, relevant policies have scientifically planned the development path of the sports industry in the next five years, and made every effort to promote development of the sports industry and the construction of a sports city. Therefore, it is not difficult to see that there are more people exercising on public fitness equipment, and the frequency of people talking about public fitness equipment is also rising. In order to meet the increasing demand, the installation of public fitness equipment has also increased.


Here is the content list:

Why the policy calls for more public fitness equipment installation?

How to achieve installation of public fitness equipment?

What should be in charge of after installing public fitness equipment?


Why the policy calls for more public fitness equipment installation?

In the past, people often liked to expose locations and take selfies when traveling. And now, more and more people like to share the hiking data, public fitness equipment experience and sports competitions they participate in during travel.

As national fitness has become a national strategy, the people's travel concept has also advanced to healthy travel. Compared with the single sightseeing tour in the past, people nowadays pay more attention to integrating sports into their travel, increasing more experience and participation. In this context, the cross-border integration of tourism and sports has entered a period of great popularity. As an infrastructure, public fitness equipment can be described as an important screw.

Large-scale sports events such as the World Cup and the Olympics will significantly boost the inbound tourism of the host country. At the same time, we are also clearly aware that the effect of large-scale sports events on the growth of sports tourism is not immediate, and there is usually a lag. For this, we need to prepare in advance, and the sooner the installation of public fitness equipment starts, the better.

outdoor fitness enquipment 

How to achieve installation of public fitness equipment?

Unlike gym or home fitness equipment, public fitness equipment needs to be buried in the ground for installation due to space and safety restrictions. In this case, professional skills are needed. We recommend that you use the after-sales installation of a qualified public fitness equipment manufacturer, which will be free and complete.

1. First of all, before the underground installation of public fitness equipment, you must first measure the distance to the surface of the ground and the depth of the underground part that can accommodate the public fitness equipment. Too deep or too shallow is both not suitable. To achieve this step, the installer of public fitness equipment needs detailed drawings.

2. Secondly, pay attention to connecting the buried screws with public fitness equipment in advance, and fix the outdoor fitness equipment with the buried screws with bolts.

You need to pay attention to the materials of public fitness equipment parts. In many cases, the unstable foundation of public fitness equipment is caused by the use of rusty parts that cause it to be corroded from the inside.

3. Finally, mix the pouring raw materials in a certain proportion to keep the public fitness equipment in a stable state.

Place the outdoor fitness equipment connected with the buried screws in the cement-filled pit, and bury the buried screws deeply in the cement. Level of the above-ground part of public fitness equipment is needed to maintain.

4. In addition, it must be noted that after 3 to 5 days, after the cement in the pit is completely solidified, the outdoor fitness equipment can be introduced to residents for use. During the cement setting period, be careful not to let anyone approach the public fitness equipment.


What should be in charge of after installing public fitness equipment?

Purchasers need to send a special person to repair the public fitness equipment in the entire district, and arrange for a special person to inspect the installed fitness equipment one by one every week. If any damaged or missing parts are found, the repair will be completed in a day.

The person in charge of public fitness equipment needs to make a record of the inspection every time it inspects the public fitness equipment for the missing or damaged parts that are out of stock.

Purchasers are also responsible for contacting public fitness equipment manufacturers to purchase missing equipment and accessories. When the following situations occur, the manager shall set up a notice board at the installation site of the public fitness equipment. The notice board shall indicate usage and precautions.

When there are unsafe factors that may cause harm to the human body.

When public fitness equipment is not applicable to certain specific or limited groups of people, such as the elderly, children, patients, and the disabled who need to be taken care of.

When restricting the number and quality of public fitness equipment.

When restricting exercises such as competitive exercises and special skills or exercise intensity.

Other content and matters that need to be warned.


The sports industry has entered a new era, and cross-border cooperation and collision will open up new market segments. Public fitness equipment manufacturers should use new ideas to see the development of this industry. Nanjing Wande Sports Industry Group Co., Ltd. has a keen sense of hot spots in the public fitness equipment industry, and we sincerely look forward to working with you for mutual benefit and win-win results.

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