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What are the types of outdoor playground equipment?

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Outdoor playground equipment is a common play equipment, and many people tend to limit the types of large outdoor playground to large-scale amusement park facilities. This article will introduce the types of non-poweredamusementpark.

Below is the outline

1 Who are the users of outdoor playground equipment?

2 What are the types of outdoor playground equipment?

3 What are the advantages of outdoor playground equipment?

Who are the users of outdoor playground equipment?

There are roughly three types of service objects for large outdoor playground: adults, toddlers and dogs.

  1. Outdoor playground equipment for children mainly includes seesaws, wooden toys, etc. Such amusement equipment is often relatively small in size, smooth in surface, and lively and cute in patterns. It is the best choice for children to play, and it often appears in crowded places such as supermarkets and parks.

  2. Large outdoor playground for adults mainly includes rock climbing and outdoor swings. Compared with children's equipment, it is more irritating, often with high intensity and difficulty as a gimmick, and it is more challenging.

  3. Dog non-poweredamusementpark is mainly provided to dog lovers as a training place in the dog park. Help the dog learn new skills or enhance the friendly relationship between the owner and the dog.


outdoor playground equipment10

What are the types of outdoor playground equipment?

  1. Outdoor play equipment with slides. Such as outer space playground, airplane series toys, seesaw playground equipment, bird's nest climbing playground, etc. Most of this kind of large outdoor playground is provided for children, and a few amusement parks are also for adults.

  2. Outdoor wooden playground equipment. Common ones include tree house toys, classical toys, construction site furniture series, music equipment, etc. Wooden equipment comes with a simple and calm feeling, which is loved by people of all ages.

  3. Outdoor water playground equipment. Common ones, such as sailing playgrounds and fairy tale forest series, often appear in water parks. The combination of water and amusement facilities gives players a refreshing and refreshing experience in summer.

  4. Plastic large outdoor playground. Common ones include cage climbing playground and rock climbing playground. Plastic products are relatively light and malleable, giving players a variety of rich experiences.


What are the advantages of outdoor playground equipment?

  1. Gentle sunshine and fresh air. The pace of modern life is constantly accelerating, and people's exercise volume is declining. Outdoor amusement equipment provides people with an opportunity to breathe fresh air and bask in the sun. Just like Tao Yuanming's verse: "Long in the cage, regained and returned to nature"

  2. Large-scale dating place. Because outdoor amusement equipment is generally huge in size and many tourists are accepted, it provides a natural place for communication and interaction. In the process of playing, people can deepen their friendship through chatting and even meet many new friends.

  3. A novel and exciting experience. The immersive experience brought by large-scale equipment is incomparable to the indoor amusement facilities. The reason why Internet celebrity products such as the Internet celebrity swing and the Internet celebrity pirate ship have received widespread attention is also important to its incomparable great charm.


In short, there are many kinds of non-poweredamusementpark and novelties. It brings not only short happy times, but also joyful memories that cannot be erased. Nanjing Wonder Sports Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer. There are all kinds of outdoor playground equipment here.

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