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What do you know about kids outdoor playground?

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Each kids outdoor playground is equipped with a variety of entertainment facilities, and children can also give full play to their nature and play freely.

What are the themes of the kids outdoor playground?

Why build kids outdoor playground?

What should you pay attention to when designing kids outdoor playground?

kids outdoor playground

What are the themes of the kids outdoor playground?

1. Candy theme

It is mainly composed of colorful candy shapes, with a warm color theme as the concept, plus children's amusement software electric equipment inside.

2. Forest theme

Children's playground: As the name suggests, with the forest as the background, some forest animals are made in Naughty Castle Park, and the children's amusement equipment is made into the appearance of forest plants, giving people a feeling of being in the jungle.

3. Marine theme

Children's playground: The main color of the indoor children's playground is light blue, and the shape of marine life plus children's amusement equipment, such as octopus, pirate ship, ocean star, etc.

4. Castle theme

Children's Paradise: In the world of fairy tales, princes and princesses, luxurious castles, and colorful surroundings will take you into the colorful fairy tale city.

5. Professional experience theme

Children's playground: here. You can see children's amusement equipment such as supermarkets, banks, and beauty salons, allowing children to experience every role in life like adults.

Why build kids outdoor playground?

The kids outdoor playground is designed according to the characteristics of children, through scientific three-dimensional combination to form a new generation of children’s activity center integrating amusement, sports, puzzles and fitness. This facility is conducive to giving full play to vitality and imagination, and having fun. At the same time, the body is exercised; it is helpful to improve children's mental qualities such as being competitive, unwilling to be left behind, courage to expand, and unity and mutual assistance, so that children can grow up healthily and happily; at the same time, the kids outdoor playground is good for cultivating children's brave, tough, and tenacious personality. , Exercise speed, strength, balance, coordination and other qualities, to achieve the effect of strengthening the body, strengthening the brain and improving the intelligence.

What should you pay attention to when designing kids outdoor playground?

1. Three-dimensional space: The kids outdoor playground equipment is mainly composed of two parts, one is an entity composed of some theme elements of amusement equipment, and the other is a space composed of physical structures. Entities are relatively easy to be noticed, and space is also an important part of amusement equipment.

2. You can feel the art: The difference between the design of kids outdoor playground and other amusement equipment designs is that outdoor amusement equipment changes with the surrounding environment and has its own life.

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