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What is the standard outdoor playground equipment for toddlers?

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As we all know, children's hobbies and healthy growth have always been the focus of many parents. Outdoor playground equipment for children, as exercise and game equipment in the new era, has gradually appeared in people's field of vision. So, what is the standard outdoor amusement equipment for children?

Outline of this article:

1 What are the main outdoor amusement equipment for children?

2 How to choose suitable outdoor playground equipment for children?

3 What are the advantages of children's outdoor equipment?


What are the main outdoor amusement equipment for children?

Children's outdoor amusement equipment mainly includes children's fitness equipment, commercial playground equipment and outdoor playground equipment.

Commercial amusement equipment mainly includes Football Tower Playground、Planet Playground、Puppet Castle Playground、Tower Playground、Rope Net Playground、Outdoor park Swing、Wooden House Playground、Outdoor Playground Equipment and so on.

Outer space Playground mainly involve Aircraft series playset、Climbing wall playset、Cartoon playground equipment、Pirate ship playset、physical playground、Modular Play system、Treehouse playset、Honeycomb Playground、Sliding cable playset、Shake rider ,etc.

Children's amusement equipment and adult amusement equipment are not only the difference in size, but in many details, the children's amusement equipment takes into account children's interests and safety needs in more detail.


outdoor playground equipment14

How to choose suitable outdoor playground equipment for children?

First, security. Children's outdoor amusement equipment is for entertainment, and safety is the top priority. Don't give up eating because of choking. Therefore, it is very important to choose a well-known and reliable manufacturer.

Second, beautiful. Children have their own unique aesthetics from an early age. Therefore, the choice of children's favorite amusement equipment is regarded as respecting children.

Third, practical. In view of the different characteristics of each amusement facility, only the amusement facility that can perfectly satisfy the product function of the advertisement can be called practical. If possible, user experience information can be obtained from users who have used the amusement facility before.


What are the advantages of children's outdoor playground equipment?

1 Parent-child interaction. Modern people have a lot of work pressure, long working hours, and constant compression of parent-child time. Therefore, the time for parents to accompany their children to play with children's amusement equipment is very important. Just like a movie theater gives adults a relaxing space, the children's playground is a children's movie theater, which provides an independent time and space for parent-child communication.

2 Enhance physical fitness. According to the survey, the child obesity rate has been rising year-round. Children’s amusement facilities have also become effective assistants for children to exercise. Let children continue to develop healthy and strong bodies in happy play.

3 Friendship is maintained. Ask children who their favorite people are, except for their parents, the most likely ones are children of the same age. The children's amusement park brings together children of the same age, with places to play and topics of exchange.


The previous generation used stones and paper to play games, and now children have more interesting and safe playground equipment for toddlers. Nanjing Wonder Sports Co., Ltd. is a leading scientific playground and fitness sports solution provider in China. It is eager to provide the children's amusement facilities you need.

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