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Who is park fitness equipment suitable for?

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In the cold winter, most people are willing to use public fitness equipment nearby. But everything has two sides, and different park fitness equipment applies to different groups. Use appropriate park fitness equipment to play a fitness exercise role. If it is used improperly, fitness will become an injury. Whoever is likely to be injured by using outdoor fitness equipment, and the consequences are serious, should pay attention to its type.


Here is the content list:

Who are really in need of park fitness equipment?

How to arrange suitable park fitness equipment use time?

Can the current park fitness equipment be suitable for all kinds of needs?

How do managers select suitable outdoor fitness equipment?


Who are really in need of park fitness equipment?

In the daily news and articles, it is not difficult to see the call for people not to be couch potatoes and be more active in health promotion. The users of park fitness facility are nothing more than dieters who want to maintain a proper weight, office workers who relax their stress, beauty-lovers who pursue shaping, and health-care people who want to reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

Among them, the most urgent need to use park fitness equipment is the middle-aged and elderly people. According to a study, sitting for an extra hour a day will increase the risk of disability, especially for elderly people over 60 years old, the impact is more significant. In fact, for elderly friends, use public fitness equipment more and exercise to reduce or even eliminate this risk.


How to arrange suitable park fitness equipment use time?

As we all know, human activities are controlled by the biological clock. Arranging the exercise time properly of public fitness facility can achieve a multiplier effect with half the effort. Through the study of different times during a day, we can find the most suitable park fitness facility use time.


Using park fitness equipment in the morning is good for improving nerve excitability and maintaining vitality. But in the morning, the body temperature is low, and the joints and muscles are stiff, so it is suitable to engage in some exercises with lower intensity public fitness equipment.


In the afternoon, it is a good time to use public fitness facility to strengthen your strength. Body capacity is higher than other times. In addition, using outdoor fitness facility to exercise in the afternoon can also help sleep.


In the evening, the human body's capacity reaches its peak, the muscles and joints are more flexible, and the heart rate and blood pressure are also stable. It is suitable for comprehensive outdoor fitness facility, and the chance of injury during exercise will be much smaller.


Can the current park fitness equipment be suitable for all kinds of needs?

Due to the acceleration of urbanization, population distribution density changes year by year. According to the survey results, nearly 40% of citizens are generally not satisfied with the park fitness equipment in surrounding parks.

The main reason is that the large number of exercisers and limited public fitness equipment can neither meet the number of needs nor meet the diversity of needs. Especially in the densely populated old city, there are a large number of people who want to exercise, but park fitness equipment venues cannot meet the needs of citizens for concentrated exercise.

At the same time, the existing outdoor fitness equipment has a certain degree of aging and damage, and it is also a reason that it has not been repaired and updated in time. Citizens generally hope to increase outdoor fitness equipment, and managers can repair and update facilities in time, improve maintenance efficiency, and let more people share the fun of fitness.


How do managers select suitable outdoor fitness equipment?

As the saying goes, information makes winners. no matter what kind of outdoor fitness equipment managers, they need to do some research before buying.

The scope of use of park fitness equipment is relatively wide, and it can be installed and used in many places. The fitness equipment used by ordinary people is relatively simple, such as sitting pullers, sitting pedals, and back massagers.

For community

If the managers of community fitness equipment want to provide implements to the community, they need to choose the type suitable for community use. Usually like space walkers or simple pull-up devices, these devices have the advantage that they are not easily damaged, have a longer life span, and are more common in the community.

For park

Many exercisers like to go to the park square. One big reason is that the park has a large area and there are fewer restrictions on public fitness equipment and a relatively complete variety. This kind of outdoor fitness equipment is more universal, so those who love to exercise give favor to. There is nothing wrong with wanting to exercise in the park.

For special occasions

For some special public places, such as school playgrounds, outdoor fitness facility installed in rehabilitation centers, almost all of them are more targeted public fitness facility. Although this fitness facility has simple shape, they are relatively safe and stable.


In general, middle-aged and elderly ones should pay attention to proper training in a proper amount and gradually. The manager of park fitness facility should choose different park fitness facility according to the characteristics of users. Nanjing Wande Sports Industry Group Co., Ltd. hopes that everyone can find public fitness implement and training time that suits them, and persevere on the way to fitness.

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