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A few suggestions for Outdoor Fitness Equipment in China

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Outdoor Fitness Equipment, also known as outdoor paths, is generally installed in parks and communities and other outdoor public places for people to exercise equipment and facilities. Outdoor fitness equipment is very common to us, and even the equipment used. Next, let's take a look at some of the specific recommendations for Outdoor Fitness Equipment in China. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • In terms of standards

  • In terms of supervision and management

  • In terms of installation and maintenance

  • In terms of use

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

In terms of standards

The current new national standard for Outdoor Fitness Equipment in China refers to the relevant provisions of Japan, the United States, Europe, and other countries, the technical standards to the international leading level, so strengthen the implementation of product standards to promote the work of understanding the standards and strictly enforced, is the premise of the enterprise production products. However, in recent years, the breadth and strength of the standard publicity are not enough, especially since some small enterprises are not able to effectively organize production according to the current standard requirements. Therefore, we should pay attention to the standard training of the quality and technical management personnel of each production enterprise, and the grassroots quality and technical supervision departments should vigorously strengthen the publicity and training of the standard to ensure that each production enterprise understands the product standard and produces strictly according to the standard. In addition, government departments should strictly enforce the provisions of the new standard when bidding for the procurement of Outdoor Fitness Equipment. To ensure the quality of the procurement of Outdoor Fitness Equipment and not to allow abusive enterprises to take advantage of it.

In terms of supervision and management

Outdoor Fitness Equipment procurement, installation, and maintenance, the relevant management departments, and responsibilities should be clarified. The relevant government departments should strengthen the supervision and guidance on the bidding and procurement of Outdoor Preschool educational amusement. Improve the management of equipment bidding and procurement; quality inspection function should increase the supervision and sampling of Outdoor Fitness Equipment production, regular quality testing of Outdoor Fitness Equipment to prevent unqualified products from entering the market and ensure the physical and mental health and safety of consumers; national sports industry authorities should improve the Outdoor Fitness Equipment management and maintenance system. Insist on the principle of "who uses, who is responsible, who maintains, who maintains", clarify the source of funds for maintenance, and clarify the accountability system for personal safety accidents caused by the quality of equipment.

In terms of installation and maintenance

Since Outdoor Fitness Equipment is mainly procured centrally through bidding, the manufacturer is generally responsible for installation, commissioning and maintenance, and different installation environments and use conditions have different effects on product quality and effectiveness. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly check the installed products, make suggestions for improvement, and urge relevant enterprises to make improvements to ensure the safety of users.

In terms of use

Outdoor fitness equipment for the community should be equipped with instruction signs, which should indicate how to use the specific fitness equipment, the results of use, and the telephone number for repair, to prevent users from causing injury to themselves due to improper operation. In addition, warning signs must be placed at the installation points of Outdoor Fitness Equipment. The sign should indicate the age of the equipment and its suitability for people. Outdoor Fitness Equipment is a free fitness facility installed by the government to promote fitness for all. On the one hand, we need the relevant departments and responsible units to strengthen maintenance, and we also need people to establish a good sense of social morality, so that Outdoor Fitness Equipment can play a better role in people's fitness.

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