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Analysis of the standard technical requirements for Outdoor Fitness Equipment

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After years of practice and feedback, the technical requirements for Outdoor Fitness Equipment products are now well established. In the risk assessment of Outdoor Preschool educational amusement, the shape, and structural design requirements, fatigue performance, and installation are serious risks, so it is necessary to discuss these aspects in detail. Here are some answers.

Here is the content list:

  • Implementation rules for Outdoor Fitness Equipment.

  • The choice of materials for Outdoor Fitness Equipment.

Outdoor Fitness Equipment

Implementation rules for Outdoor Fitness Equipment.

At present, the technical implementation details are not enough, and many provisions need to be refined concerning the national body certification guidelines. Such as finger clamps, the standard stipulates that only the gap between the endangered fingers should not be less than 30mm, the distance between the moving parts and fixed parts in motion to maintain the same gap should be less than 8mm, and the prerequisite refinement is prone to ambiguity in the determination of some small closed openings. In the national body certification rules, it is stipulated that there should be no closed openings on the equipment that can pass through the φ8 end of the finger-type test bar, but not through the φ30 end. Another example is the standard in the other openings of the head and neck clamps, in the most adverse load or unloading conditions, the distance between the openings of the movable flexible components and rigid components should not be less than 230mm, this requirement rarely occurs in practice. The standard in the body clamps requires that the distance between the moving parts and the main column in the full range of motion is not less than 230mm, and leg stirrups can be judged according to this standard, but equipment such as exercise machines cannot. The national certification requires Outdoor Fitness Equipment to form a closed variable opening in all ranges of movement of the moving parts to ensure that the D-shaped test bar (230mm) can pass through, such as the rowing machine beam below the closed variable opening. In addition, the determination of head and neck clamps currently requires that the lower edge of the opening be evaluated at 600mm from the floor, while there is no height requirement for hooking and winding. Some equipment, such as outdoor box basketball hoops, have openings at the shelf of the fixed basketball board that can create snags and hooks. Because the basketball board has a certain height requirement from the ground, the structure of the basketball hoop should be more concerned with its non-climbing characteristics. At this point in the rules of the national sports regulations, not easy to climb the basketball hoop crossbeam between the openings formed by the upper ties, clips and hooks are not considered.

The choice of materials for Outdoor Fitness Equipment.

Due to the diversity of Outdoor Fitness Equipment, the static load, stability, and fatigue strength items cannot be required for each type of equipment, such as the requirement that the single static load capacity of equipment subjected to or likely to be subjected to sudden loading load should not be less than 3700N, such as treadmill pedals. The interpretation of the standard is confusing and more difficult to have practical applicability. In contrast, the implementation rules of the National Sports Certification are easy to accept, and the implementation rules of Outdoor fitness park equipment of the National Sports have detailed provisions on static load, stability, and fatigue performance tests, such as the static load of the stroller in the middle of the handrail loaded with 2800N for 1min; the single side pedal is loaded with 1850N for 1min. Fatigue performance is to apply 1200N on one side of the pedal, the swing amplitude is not less than 80% of the stroke, swing frequency is not less than 60 times/min, a total of 300,000 times, round trip each count once. Fatigue performance is the most important technical requirement to test the quality of products, with the use of time extension, the tooling is not in place, and the gap between the equipment becomes large is not uncommon. The gap becomes larger, there is a risk of hooking, the enterprise by the standard production and manufacturing at the same time, more should control the level of tooling, material quality, especially the staff skills and other factors. There are also corresponding requirements in environmental protection, such as the plastic powder specified toxic and aging requirements, and in practice, the installation of the equipment with the wind and rain corrosion, the coating in the rust off at the same time, easy to cause scratches on human skin, the standard can also be in the choice of plastic powder raw materials require plastic powder and steel expansion coefficient is similar to further protect the safety of users.

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