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Buy plastic playground to your baby, you need know these common sense.

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Buy plastic playground to your baby, you need know these common sense.

Baby playground are the most contacted items with the baby every day, unqualified playground will contain harmful substances on the baby, and may hurt the baby's hearing power, Cage remind you, when select the playground to the baby, be sure to pay attention.


NO.1 depends on the gloss and color of the playground.

High-quality plastic playground in the gloss and color vividness than poor performance of toys is much better. This is because high-quality plastic toys are usually made of PVC, PP, PE and other plastic raw materials, plastic itself is very shiny.

And many low-quality playground are usually used to waste plastic products recycling and processing of materials made into the re-processing after the color deterioration. Wande products use imported LLDPE special materials, made by injection molding, colorful, easy to fade, quality assurance, safe non-toxic.

NO.2 depends on the thickness of the toy product.

plastic playground is the biggest feature of its finished or parts is a one-time injection molding, if the injection of the inner wall of the playground is too thin, easy to fall when the children play, fall, plastic pieces crisp produce small pieces, sharp edges, , Posing a danger to your baby. Wande's products are corners or radians where the plastic walls are thicker than any other places, which increases the damage to the ground when the playground falls to the ground and reduces the degree of damage.

NO.3 depends on the 3C certification and labeling instructions

3C certification is China's mandatory product certification referred to. The state stipulates that plastic playground should pass the national compulsory product certification, that is to have "CCC" logo. If there is no 3C certification on the product packaging, indicating that the product is fake and shoddy products. Wande Group through the Chinese product 3C certification system, product quality is absolutely safe, so that your child in the safe and secure play in the growth.

NO.4 smell the smell of plastic playground

If some children have a pungent smell of playground, it should contain harmful substances, such as phthalate plasticizers harmful substances. Therefore, it is recommended that you smell the smell when buying toys. Some experts suggest that you can first wash the toy wash, drying, try to volatilize the smell of plastic to reduce the exfoliation of the pigment and the heavy metal content. If the plastic toys can be tolerated by the high temperature, you can also cook the toy and then use. Wande Group's product safety and environmental protection, exquisite and durable, there is no smell of the situation.

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