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Do you know anything about outdoor fitness?

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From 1991 to 2017, China's outdoor fitness equipment has gone through several revisions of national standards. With the arrival of China's aging society, outdoor fitness equipment has a history of more than 20 years from its appearance to now. At present, domestic big brands have made high standards in product design, quality control, and installation. From the current situation, the improvement of outdoor fitness equipment has been carried out, never stopped, because it is public equipment, the attention to safety is particularly high, so the product design, installation is the safety in the first place. Let's take a look.


● What's the difference between outdoor fitness equipment and indoor equipment?

● What's the difference between people who work out indoors and those who work out outdoors?

● What is an outdoor fitness park?

What's the difference between outdoor fitness equipment and indoor equipment?

Outdoor fitness equipment is called "path equipment", as the name implies, each piece of equipment is only the basic path, there is no indoor equipment the same function, that is, outdoor fitness equipment is mechanical equipment, are driven by manpower equipment, by the path of equipment to achieve the effect of movement. Indoor fitness equipment is more complex and sophisticated. Most aerobic equipment is electrified, or at least self-electrified, so the machine can operate without the human being. Anaerobic equipment and outdoor paths also rely on people to drive, but indoor strength equipment is not only the basic path, whether it is counterweight or function, are more advanced and scientific than outdoor equipment.

What's the difference between people who work out indoors and those who work out outdoors?

There is no doubt that outdoor exercise has more red muscles and heart and lung development, and the muscle dimension and extreme strength in the gym are greater than outdoor exercise. Core strength and muscle coordination depend on your training regimen. Each muscle has red and white fibers, and each muscle has a different proportion of them. It seems like the ratio is genetic, but you can train the white or red muscles in that muscle to get stronger! However, it is easy to be injured if you do not pay attention to it outdoors or indoors, so you should use outdoor fitness equipment reasonably. People are fragile. Work and rest combined with attention to living habits is the king.

What is an outdoor fitness park?

The outdoor fitness park mainly carries out sports activities, including physical exercise, sports training and competition, sports performances, leisure sports activities, recreation, and so on. There are many kinds of outdoor fitness park equipment, among which, physical exercise focuses on planned, regular, physical activities to strengthen the body, while sports leisure is not to strengthen the body and improve sports skills, but for leisure, physical and mental relaxation, and more emphasis is on a kind of experience. Therefore, the outdoor fitness park equipment here should be a broad concept, which is a general term for non-competitive physical recreational activities aimed at entertainment and physical and mental health and competitive sports aimed at improving sports performance in the main form of games, competitions, and physical sports, with very rich sports types.

Nanjing Wande Sports Industry Group Co.,Ltd. has developed a variety of outdoor fitness equipment, before leaving the factory for a large number of tests, to ensure quality. This fitness equipment not only uses less energy but also has great durability. If you are engaged in outdoor fitness, you may consider using our cost-effective products.

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