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Emergency response measures for playground equipment

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Emergency response measures for playground equipment

Children's playground euquipment is now a very popular industry, so children's playground equipment in the Amusement is very common, many adults also accompany with the children to play, because of fear of child safety, so sometimes adults and children will play together, but some adults are not very conscious, casually play the playground equipment with some bad operation, if there is an accident, how should we deal with it?

1. It is difficult to avoid the unexpected operation of playground equipment in amusement park. Encountered this problem, we must promptly resolve it, turn off the necessary playground equipment and then repair it. So as not to cause a more serious security incidents.

2. If the injured were rescued but the ambulance do not arrive, the staff must to know how to deal with some simple treatment, until the ambulance arrive and then to the hospital after. After rescuing all the passengers, the staff need to evacuate and comfort other player around the playground equipment, so that they do not fear cause this unexpected case.

3. After the children's playground equipment comes up the dangers, it should immediately stop running, and protect all the equipment and parts at the same time, until the relevant departments to carry out testing, and analyze what is the cause of the accident.

Here, Wandeplay also remind visitors and work management, must be in strict accordance with the provisions of the operation, and the playground equipment should be checked on time to avoid unnecessary accidents.

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