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How much do you know about table tennis table?

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Table tennis is a widely popular item. The demand for table tennis tables is also increasing with everyone's love of table tennis.


How to choose a table tennis table?

When choosing a table tennis table, you should choose according to the usage scenario. If the requirement is an indoor table, then the indoor table tennis table can be divided into a folding table tennis table and a fixed table tennis table.

Folding types can be further divided into single-folding tables and double-folding tables. Single-folding tables are more convenient to fold, but they need to be aligned when folding.

The double-folding table requires two people to fold it, but it is ready to use and does not need to be aligned with the sides.

Generally, there are dedicated venues, and the frequency of use is relatively high, and a fixed table tennis table can be used. Otherwise, it is more suitable to use a mobile ball table.

What is the installation method of the flat table tennis table?

The first step: Lay the outer packaging carton on the flat ground.

Step 2: Fix the base bracket of the ping-pong table with screws to join the two ping-pong tables together. On the ping-pong table, do not fasten the screws tightly.

Step 3: Fix the connecting rod on the base support of the table tennis table.

Step 4: Fix each part with screws, then first tighten the screws on the table top, and then tighten the screws on the connecting rod, and keep the table flat while tightening.

Step 5: Turn the table over and stand on the ground, and set the net frame.

What are the relevant parameters of the table tennis table?

The standard size of the table tennis table is: table tennis table size: 2740×1525mm table tennis table height: 760mm table tennis table net width 1.83 meters,

The net height of the table tennis table is 0.1525 meters:

Ping-pong table venue: 1/73 the size of a football field and 1/7 the size of a tennis court. It is a rectangle of 14m long and 7m wide with a 75cm-high baffle, and the light (brightness reaches 1000 lux) is 5m above the ground.

So the above is up to standard

1. The table top of the table tennis billiard table is also called the playing surface. It is rectangular, 2.74m long, 1.525m wide, and the horizontal height from the ground is 0.76m. The thickness of the competitive table is usually 18~30mm.

2. The table tennis table should have a 2cm wide white line along the four sides of the table. Each court should be divided into equal parts by a 3mm wide white centerline parallel to the sideline. This centerline should be regarded as each right half court Area.

3. There are usually three types of table tennis tables at present: non-rolling tables, that is, there are no wheels at the bottom of the chassis; rolling and single folding tables; rolling and integral folding tables.

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