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How to ensure the safety of baby indoor playground equipment?

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What should parents pay attention to in the baby indoor playground?

What are the safety rules for children in baby indoor playgrounds?

Maintenance and inspection of playground equipment


Playing in the indoor playground is not only fun, but also allows children to exercise, brain and social skills. But when children spend happy hours in the indoor playground, parents may worry about How to ensure the safety of baby indoor playground equipment?

What should parents pay attention to in the baby indoor playground?

For parents who are focused on safety, here are a few important indoor playground rules:

Actively supervise children on indoor playgrounds: Always pay attention to children when playing on indoor playground equipment.

Choose a castle indoor playground with a shock absorbing surface: Your child is much less likely to be seriously injured on an indoor playground that uses synthetic turf, sand, coverings or sawdust. indoor playgrounds with concrete surfaces can cause more serious damage in the event of an accident. If your child falls on the shock absorbing surface, his/her fall will cushion.

Appropriate dress: Wear the right clothes to make sure the children are dressed properly. You should remove wallets, scarves and necklaces that may be caught in indoor playground equipment.

Choose age-appropriate indoor playground equipment: Your child should only use equipment that is safe for their current age and skill level.

Teach your child a safe indoor playground behavior: Children should know that it is forbidden to push or crowd. 30010085

What are the safety rules for children in baby indoor playgrounds?

Children need to have clear ground rules before going to the indoor playground. It is good practice to check basic safety rules when riding or walking to the park. Some basic rules for children in indoor playgrounds include:

Sit down and swing, then slow down before taking off. Trying to stand or jump off the swing is dangerous.

Use both hands when climbing.

Avoid climbing the wet castle indoor playground equipment. Wet equipment can be slippery and can cause drops.

Never climb the front of the slide. If the children try to climb them, the children may be hurt by the slipper. In addition, they slip when they climb the front of the slide in the wrong way.

Avoid walking before the swing. When approaching another person on a swing, the child may be hit.

Avoid breaking the device. Children need to be aware that they should not play with broken devices, and if the device has a problem, they should let the adult know immediately.

Avoid pushing or pushing. Children should take turns using indoor playground equipment and should not squeeze or push others into the indoor playground equipment.

Parents should establish clear safety rules for children. Personnel operating indoor playgrounds should also clarify that adults and children need to take reasonable proactive safety precautions. Adults need to be actively supervised to avoid injury in indoor playgrounds.

Maintenance and inspection of playground equipment

Whether your child is playing at home or in a public indoor playground, it is important to have a general inspection of the indoor playground equipment to ensure that the equipment is clean and well maintained.

There should be no broken equipment.

Wooden equipment should not crack or rupture.

Metal equipment should not rust.

The fence around the castle indoor playground should be in good condition to prevent children from running into the surrounding traffic.

The surface material on the indoor playground should be regularly maintained so that the weld overlay is loose and covers all appropriate areas - especially the autumn area around the equipment.

Indoor playground equipment should be made of durable materials that will not fall apart or wear out due to the weather.

Check for objects that protrude from the device (such as hardware, S-shaped hooks, bolts, sharp or unfinished edges) that may cut children or cause clothing to entangle.

All hardware on the device should be secure and there are no loose or damaged parts. Plastics and wood should not show signs of weakening and should not have any cracked or rusted surfaces.

If there is a sandbox in the local indoor playground, check for dangerous debris such as sharp sticks or broken glass and make sure there are no bugs in the sand. Sandboxes should be covered overnight to prevent contamination of animals such as cats.

If the parts of the equipment are damaged, loose or require additional maintenance, immediately designate them as restricted areas and report the problem to the appropriate agency.


The indoor playground provides fun, friends and sports for the kids. Therefore, parents must ensure that defective equipment, incorrect surface and careless behavior will not ruin the fun. If you want to buy safe, fun and high quality indoor playground equipment, the Wande Group has the perfect product.

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