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How to maintain school fitness equipment?

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Only ensuring the normal operation of school fitness equipment can provide protection for the learning and life of teachers and students. Learning and mastering certain basic maintenance skills is the duty and responsibility of every purchaser of outdoor fitness solutions. Improving the efficiency of school fitness equipment, reducing costs, and reducing consumption will also help the school's quality education.


Here is the content list:

What is the importance of maintaining school fitness equipment?

How to realize the management of school fitness equipment?

Does school fitness equipment need to be maintained when it is not broken?


What is the importance of maintaining school fitness equipment?

Students learn exercise knowledge inseparably from school fitness equipment. School fitness equipment management is an organic part of school-related courses.

With the development and advancement of science and technology, school fitness equipment will have more varieties and specifications, more reliable quality, and more complete functions. Therefore, the management requirements for school fitness equipment will be higher.

outdoor fitness solutions management is based on organizational work, coordinating various personnel to carry out the whole process of equipment demonstration, planning, ordering, acceptance, application, maintenance, overhaul and scrapping. It is a highly technical and economical comprehensive work with outstanding service.

The maintenance of school fitness equipment plays an important role in giving full play to the various functions of PE and in promoting the realization of teaching modernization.

If you do not pay attention to maintenance and management after purchasing school fitness equipment, or improper management measures, it will cause confusion about the person responsible, and even cause the loss or damage of school fitness equipment.

This will seriously affect the development of sports work and make the utilization rate of outdoor fitness solutions extremely low. It also caused the loss of school property.

school fitness equipment 

How to realize the management of school fitness equipment?

The teacher in charge of management should carry out the repair of school fitness equipment in accordance with the following requirements. The regular repair should make a record.

1.Teachers and related management personnel should troubleshoot the school fitness equipment in time when they find a malfunction. If it does not solve the problem, you should fill in the form in time, and notify the device maintenance personnel as soon as possible.

2.Maintenance personnel of outdoor workout equipment should first check the "Appliance Repair Form" after arriving at the site, and repair the malfunctioning school fitness equipment immediately to avoid delaying the use of students and teachers.

3.For school fitness equipment that needs to be replaced and cannot be repaired immediately, a warning sign saying "The equipment is under repair..." should be hung up to prevent teachers and students from being injured by misuse.

4.For damaged parts, the repair staff of school fitness facility should accurately provide the names of outdoor fitness solutions and its parts based on the manual, parts list and other materials, and inform the relevant personnel in writing to purchase materials as soon as possible. After the materials are received, the replacement and repair will be completed as soon as possible on the same day.


Does school fitness equipment need to be maintained when it is not broken?

As the saying goes, it is too late to shut the door when the steed has been stolen, and you can't wait it until the school fitness equipment is suddenly damaged during the course, causing students and teachers to be vigilant. Schools need proper daily maintenance before they can use school fitness equipment longer. In addition, regular maintenance of equipment can also reduce maintenance costs.

1.Check the safety protection of school fitness equipment, whether the safety device is sensitive and reliable;

2.Check whether the parts that are easy to loosen, detach and break are normal;

3.Check the lubrication of the bearing parts, and add lubricating oil of a certain quality and quantity at a fixed point and time;

4. Check whether the corrosion, bumping, pulling, breakage and oil leakage of outdoor workout equipment exist or not;

5.Check whether the configuration accessories and repair tools stored in the management warehouse are complete;

6.Use designated cleaners and cleaning tools regularly to clean the surface of school fitness facility and easily soiled parts.


Nanjing Wande Sports Industry Group Co.,Ltd. advises teachers to scientifically arrange the maintenance time and content of school fitness facility by guiding students to establish a good fashion that everyone is responsible for maintaining outdoor fitness solutions, and to include each maintenance in the plan, which is also for students Cultivation of responsibility and ability to arrange. School fitness equipment should be a helper for students in their lives, rather than being a psychological shadow of exercise due to damage.

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