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How to use outdoor fitness equipment?

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As a public welfare facility, outdoor fitness equipmenthas been very popular in rural and urban areas nowadays. Waist turners, walkers, uneven bars and other outdoor fitness equipment can be seen in residential areas, parks and squares, which provides convenience for people who like leisure and fitness.

Content lists:

1,How to use walker of outdoor fitness equipment?

2,How to use rotary waist fitter for outdoor fitness equipment?

3,How to use single rider for outdoor fitness equipment?

4,How to use combination horizontal bar for outdoor fitness equipment?


How to use walker of outdoor fitness equipment?

Function: Exercise the muscle strength of lower limbs and waist, improve the flexibility of hip and knee joints, and help to enhance cardiopulmonary function. It is suitable for people of all ages except children,especially for hip dysfunction.
METHODS: When exercising, the body keeps straight naturally, and the hands are held tightly in order to balance. The exercise time is usually 4 to 6 minutes at a time.
TIPS:The swing range should not be too large to avoid muscle strain. Neurological balance dysfunction, stroke sequelae,cerebrovascular disease, lower limb arthroplasty and knee joint disease are not suitable for this exercise.


How to use rotary waist fitter for outdoor fitness equipment?

Rotary waist fitter

Function: Improve coordination ability, mobilize lumbar joints, relax lumbar and dorsal muscles, suitable for all ages except children, especially for lumbar dysfunction, lumbar muscle strain, lumbar disc herniation and fatigue.
Method: Hold the handle with both hands and don't loosen, twist the waist. The angle is generally below 45 degrees, and the frequency should be kept between 15 and 20 times per minute.

TIPS: Torsion movement should be controlled, the range should not be too large, the speed is slow and uniform, so as to keep fit without injuring the body.


How to use single rider for outdoor fitness equipment?

Single rider

Functions: Improve the coordination ability of hands and feet, increase the muscle strength of upper and lower limbs, exercise the muscles of chest, waist and abdomen, massage viscera, enhance digestion, cardiopulmonary function and flexibility of the whole body joints, and have rehabilitation effect on limbs and back pain. A kind of
Method: Sitting on the chair, holding the handle with both hands, stepping on the pedal with both feet firmly, pushing the foot down, pulling the hand backward at the same time, the exercise time should not exceed 20 minutes. A kind of
TIPS: When operating, the chest should be raised, the feet should be stable, the movement should not be too large, the speed should not be too fast. Knee joint patients should be cautious to avoid aggravating joint wear. Older people should be extra careful and their feet must be firm so as not to fall down.


How to use combination horizontal bar for outdoor fitness equipment?

Combination horizontal bar
Function: Strengthen the muscle strength of the upper limb and back, pull the wrist and upper limb muscle groups, to enhance the flexibility and flexibility of the joint. Horizontal bar hanging exercise is also conducive to the improvement of lumbar disc herniation. A kind of
Method: When doing hanging exercises, the arms hang over the single bar, the spacing between the two hands is basically the same width as the shoulder. The forehand holds the cross bar tightly so as to relax the lower part of the waist and back, fully extend the latissimus dorsi, and naturally extend and close the legs. Draping exercises can be further carried out to concentrate the contraction force of latissimus dorsi muscle, bend the arm to drive the body upward, so that the horizontal bar touches the anterior cervical clavicle, and then stop for 2 to 3 seconds, then control with the contraction force of latissimus dorsi muscle, so that the body slowly descends to the starting position, and repeat the exercise. A kind of
TIPS: Horizontal bar exercise requires a high level of physical fitness. When exercising, it's best to have someone to protect from the side. When necessary, use bandages to prevent slippage and fall. When a novice does the pull-up, he may not be able to pull it up at first. Don't worry, do more hanging exercises. When hanging, he can bend his calf and exert himself downward quickly, so as to swing properly with the help of inertia to realize the action of bars.


There are many outdoor fitness equipments like:Basketball Stand,Children Fitness Equipment, and how to use them is also very important. Through the introduction of this article, I believe you can better understand how to use outdoor fitness equipment. For more information, please contact us.

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