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Is second-hand outdoor playground equipment worth buying?

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Outdoor playground equipment has always been favored by major playgrounds. Compared with indoor playground equipment, it is more challenging and more attractive. However, large outdoor playground is bulky and expensive. Some people began to try to enter the second-hand market to seek purchase opportunities. So, is it worth buying second-hand large outdoor playground?

The following is an outline:

1. Advantages of second-hand outdoor playground equipment

2. Disadvantages of second-hand outdoor playground equipment

3. What to pay attention to when buying second-hand outdoor playground equipment?


Advantages of second-hand outdoor playground equipment

  1. cheap price. This is also the primary consideration for buyers who choose second-hand items, because second-hand items have a certain depreciation rate and traces of use. The asking prices of second-hand sellers are mostly below 50% of the original price of playground equipment, and they can even buy products with 10% off.

  2. Meet urgent needs. For some new businesses who have short-term commodity needs or plan to purchase a batch of large outdoor playground to test the water, second-hand equipment meets the need to enter the market, and the initial investment is relatively low. Can be used as a turnover period or transitional period.

  3. Easy to buy and sell. Second-hand equipment is generally idle, and it flows into the market through the second-hand market, which can play a role in activating the economy. At the same time, if the purchased second-hand products are not satisfied or are no longer needed, they can also be resold through the second-hand market to improve resource utilization.


outdoor playground equipment6

Disadvantages of second-hand outdoor playground equipment

  1. Quality varies from good to bad. Because most second-hand products are purchased through the second-hand information network as a platform, sellers dominate the display of information on the product profile and detail pages, and there may be situations where information is falsified or the goods are not on the board.

  2. High delivery costs. Because outdoor playground equipment is a large-scale equipment, except for a small number of merchants who choose to undertake the distribution themselves, they are generally handed over to a third-party logistics company for distribution by contracting. However, large-volume and high-quality commodities often face high logistics costs. As a result, the total price may not even be lower than the price of the new product.

  3. Buyers and sellers are not transparent. On the second-hand trading platform, not only the sellers are dishonest. Some buyers also have malicious purchases. The specific performance is that when the express arrives, they refuse to receive the goods for various unjustified reasons, and they also refuse to pay for the logistics.


What to pay attention to when buying second-hand outdoor playground equipment?

  1. Choose a large second-hand platform. After long-term accumulation, the large platform has a better reputation and service mechanism. For example, Alibaba's intermediary's mechanism for temporarily keeping goods and funds. For example, the introduction of the personal credit investigation mechanism on the Amazon platform has also helped buyers and sellers to choose suitable partners for cooperation to a certain extent.

  2. Watch the goods by video in advance. Using modern advanced network video technology, buyers and sellers can view the corresponding playground equipment in all aspects through remote live broadcast in advance, thereby reducing disputes between the two parties on the goods.

  3. Purchase freight insurance. In this way, the freight risk caused by the return and exchange can be transferred to the insurance company, which also provides protection for the transaction.


In short, you can choose to try second-hand outdoor playground equipment according to your needs, but you must carefully select reliable sellers. Nanjing Wonder Sports Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of large outdoor playground. I believe it can help you.

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