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Outdoor fitness equipment for seniors

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What are the elderly fitness equipment? The fitness of the elderly is good for the health of the body and mind, but the fitness exercise should not be too intense. This article will introduce you to the outdoor fitness equipment for the elderly and what their benefits are.

Content lists:

1,What are the outdoor fitness equipment for the elderly?

2,What is the method of fitness for the elderly?

3,What are the benefits of using outdoor fitness equipment for the elderly?


What are the outdoor fitness equipment for the elderly?

1, empty walker

The empty walker in the community is a kind of fitness equipment that the elderly prefer. The old people stand on the empty step machine and swing back and forth. It seems that the action is not big and there is no risk. In fact, the swing of this empty stepper can be large, and it is very dangerous for the elderly to stand on the ground with both feet, because the exercise of the empty walker is the exercise of the lumbar and leg muscles, and many elderly people are in these two aspects. There are aging phenomena. When you use the spacewalker, the amplitude is not too large, it will hurt the muscles around the owner. The toughness of the muscles is already poor. You should use it more slowly.

2, twisting device

Twisting devices in the elderly fitness equipment are a favorite sport for older women. Some elderly people like to stand on a rotating large disc and swing the lumbar vertebrae. This large disc actually has a 360-degree rotation angle. Be careful when using it. The hand must hold the railing. Otherwise, it will not be easy to rotate too fast, or the angle of rotation will be too large, it will easily cause a sprain of the lumbar spine. When you put the railing, you should pay attention to the anti-skid, so as not to cause damage to the body.

3, exercise bike

The exercise bike has the incomparable advantage of bicycles - you can freely play your own riding speed, you can observe the speed, time, heart rate value, etc. at every moment through the electronic watch on the exercise bike; use it to exercise, not only effectively Improve heart and lung function, it also helps to strengthen the leg muscles, lose weight and improve overall physical fitness. The exercise bike suitable for middle and old aged indoor fitness equipment is especially suitable for patients with inconvenient movement, weak constitution and rehabilitation.

4, the tractor

The role of the upper limb retractor is similar to the hospital's traction therapy, which is good for stretching muscles and preventing disc herniation. However, it is recommended that elderly people who are not strong enough to do this exercise. To test your own hand strength, you can use the pull-ups as a standard. If you can't even get an old man with a pull-up, you should choose another stretching exercise.


What is the method of fitness for the elderly?

1. Stretching. The arms are lifted straight over the top of the head and the legs are clamped to form a shape. Stretch your limbs hard and stretch your body, especially the lumbar spine. After doing five or six straight movements, the two arms are pulled apart again, and the two legs are forked to form a large figure, which extends five or six times to the sides.


2, rolling waist. The legs are bent, the hands are tightly held on both knees, the upper body is as flat as possible, and the legs are tilted to the left first, so that the waist rolls on the left and right sides of the bed. You can gradually increase the inclination and rolling force to do seven or eight times.


3, high leg lift. Slowly lift the left leg and the waist at right angles, then slowly lower it and then lift the right leg down, then lift the legs at the same time, each about 5 times.


What are the benefits of using outdoor fitness equipment for the elderly?

Exercise therapy is an adjunct to the treatment of obesity, but for mild obesity, the exercise program and time are well arranged, and the weight loss effect can also be exerted alone. Dietary control, supplemented by appropriate exercise programs, is often a more effective means of treating obesity.

Exercise can consume too much heat energy and promote the decomposition of fat to provide energy; exercise can increase the basal metabolic rate and increase the consumption of heat.

Exercise can reduce blood lipids and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

Exercise can enhance the lung function of the elderly. The elderly who insist on tai chi is more inhaled than the tai chi, and have a large lung capacity.


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