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The required functions of playground equipment(2)

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Functions of playground equipmentCustomried playground products

Guarantee the safety

The outdoor playground equipment should be non-toxic, and can not have sharp edges. It is a combination of parts which need to be very strong, so as not to loose leading to that children eat it. In addition, it is necessary to pay attention to that if the playground equipments contain harmful chemicals composition, and can not use flammable materials. For the infant or toddler, should be prevented from playground equipments which have some small parts like long string. Parents should pay attention to the method the children use to play the equipment which could form risk.


A good playground equipment manufactured should use good material, so that the playground equipment has a sense of the value.If the playground equipment is easily destroyed, the child will be very desperate.

People can play together

Children like play together with the same age kids or adult, ,and more importantly, parents and children can play together and promote interactive relations between parent and child.

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