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What are the advantages and disadvantages of park fitness equipment?

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As the importance of fitness exercise has been discovered by people, spontaneous activities have increased. However, what is embarrassing is that the number of existing outdoor fitness equipment cannot meet the increasing demands of the people. And because people have less knowledge about the use of park fitness equipment, the public fitness equipment that would have helped people may have a negative effect.


Here is the content list:

What kind of advantages will be played if park fitness equipment is used correctly?

What negative effects can park fitness equipment bring?

How do residents view the different aspects of park fitness equipment?


What kind of advantages will be played if park fitness equipment is used correctly?

We often hear that the use of public fitness equipment can make the body healthy, but we don't know which specific aspects can be improved. In fact, if you develop a good habit of using outdoor fitness equipment to maintain the normal functioning of your organs and at the same time improve your resistance, you can naturally promote your health.

1. The weight can be reasonably controlled

Many people usually do not exercise enough, and they do not control their diet in time due to excessive pressure, which may cause obvious obesity. Among all the benefits of using outdoor fitness equipment, the most popular benefit is weight control. Using park fitness equipment can not only offset part of the calories eaten, but also increase the body's basic metabolic calories.

2. The resistance can be improved.

COVID-19 is raging, and many people have discovered the importance of resistance ability to normal life. Many health-preserving people are using public fitness equipment, because using public fitness equipment can improve people's resistance, accelerate digestion and circulation, and help excrete waste from the body.

3. The body aging can be effectively delayed.

Many users of public fitness facility are in their 30 or 40 years, and they look like people in their twenties. The main reason is that these people insist on using public fitness facility, have strong willpower, and pay attention to diet control.


What negative effects can park fitness equipment bring?

Although public fitness equipment is widely sought after, some hidden health risks are invisible and intangible, and exercisers are not aware of it. Even if they actually realize it, it's easy to ignore it. Although some of the negative effects may not be the fault of park fitness equipment itself, as a responsible company, you must be aware of this.

Health hazard

Certain industrial compounds that are harmful to the human body are mainly found in the paint, adhesives and coatings of outdoor fitness equipment, and may also induce the onset of some diseases of the residents.

This is a paint problem produced by some public fitness equipment manufacturers that do not abide by industry rules, while products produced by qualified public fitness equipment manufacturers who use electrostatic spraying do not have this problem.

Noise pollution

After the installation of outdoor fitness equipment, it has indeed brought great convenience to some residents to exercise. However, park fitness equipment may cause some noise to other residents, especially students facing exams or elderly people who like quietness.

Lack of protection

We often hear that people get injured while using park exercise facility, especially children who get stuck on it. In fact, the personal injury caused by park exercise facility is mainly because many exercisers do not know how to use fitness facility.

In addition, some public fitness equipment lacks protective measures and is improperly placed. For example, when public fitness equipment is installed too close, exercisers on a piece of equipment will be disturbed by other users nearby, resulting in accidents.


How do residents view the different aspects of park fitness equipment?

Strengthening the construction of public fitness equipment is not just empty talk, but measures that need to be implemented. If every time when people want to use public fitness equipment, they have to take a bus for an hour or two, or take the subway several times, it is difficult to form daily habits even if the fitness demand is strong.

Obviously, the public resources under the jurisdiction of the sports department alone can no longer meet the growing fitness needs of the masses. To do this well, producers of outdoor fitness equipment must have a long-term vision. After all, the benefits of outdoor fitness equipment are far more than the disadvantages, and even many disadvantages can be avoided by certain means.


Nanjing Wande Sports Industry Group Co., Ltd. believes that this is not only the responsibility of relevant departments, and that the construction of the national fitness situation cannot be separated from the efforts of outdoor fitness facility suppliers. In order to solve the problem of insufficient public fitness facility close to residential areas, which prevents residents from reaching sports venues within 8-10 minutes, the planning and land use protection of park fitness facility urgently need to be further strengthened.

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