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What is the importance of the kids playground?

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The facilities of kids playground are non-powered equipment, mainly for children to drill, climb, jump, etc. For example, slides, climbing for young children, naughty castles, trampolines, etc., this kind of kids playground equipment can provide children with space for exercise, which can exercise their bodies, strengthen their balance ability, and enhance their physical fitness.

What are the facilities in the kids playground?

What is the design concept of kids outdoor playground?

What are the main points of planning for kids outdoor playground?

kids playground

What are the facilities in the kids playground?

1. Treasure Hunt on the Beach

Psychologists believe that playing sand is not only a game, but more importantly, it has great benefits for the growth of children. Sand is both solid and fluid. It is changeable and easy to be mastered. Its endless forms and inexhaustible play methods essentially meet the needs of children's creation.

2. Swing

Swings are the most common amusement equipment in outdoor kids playgrounds, which are important in many aspects of children's growth. Swings help children perceive balance and coordinate the position of their limbs in space. More importantly, swings help children's brains learn to understand speed and direction, which is beneficial to children with visual perception problems.

3. Climbing equipment

Various types of climbing projects in outdoor playgrounds can exercise children's physical coordination and cooperation, and climbing helps him understand the direction (such as up, down, left, and right). Similar to climbing a tree, a child needs to establish a sense of where his body parts are and what needs to be done next. Climbing also helps to exercise children's thinking style and predictive ability.

4. Jungle crossing

Jungle crossing is a kind of challenging amusement equipment, which means that children can learn and grow while having fun. This type of amusement equipment design some special game items, so that children can get happiness and knowledge from the game while participating in the game.

What is the design concept of kids outdoor playground?

The kids outdoor playground cleverly uses sound, light, electricity, air, water, color and other elements to break the convention, creatively choose new materials, new crafts, new technologies, integrated functions, and combined designs to make each game playful. , From the perspective of vision, touch, form, dynamics, mechanics, aesthetics, fun, educational and other ingenu ) Security has to make a trade-off.

What are the main points of planning for kids outdoor playground?

The kids outdoor playground is a project with a high investment but a relatively impressive rate of return. However, because it involves children's entertainment venues, it also has high requirements for air quality, facility safety, and fire conditions. Therefore, this is a great consideration for the strength and business philosophy of the operator. In the case of uneven children's entertainment market, we insist on making our own characteristics and styles.

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