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What is the meaning of amusement park equipment on the market?

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With the continuous improvement of residents' living standards, the requirements for the living environment are also increasing. Commonly used are community, shopping malls, large supermarkets and other activity shopping centers, and the project of amusement park equipment has been added to the planning.

amusement park equipment

What are the common amusement park equipment on the market?

1. Flying tower amusement park equipment

Structural movement characteristics: Suspended pod and slewing movement while lifting, and the pod is hung with flexible parts.

Such as: flying tower, air swivel chair, PHS, observation tower, gliding flying wing, frog jump, sounding shuttle, etc.

2. Racing amusement park equipment

Structural movement characteristics: run along the designated line on the ground.

Such as: racing cars, small sports cars, high-speed racing cars.

3. Self-controlled aircraft category amusement park equipment

Structural movement characteristics: The passenger part rotates around the central axis and performs lifting movements, and the passenger part is mostly installed on the swing arm.

Such as: self-control plane, self-control flying saucer, goldfish playing in the water, octopus, sea, land and air, wave swing.

Amusement machines with lifting and swinging multi-dimensional motions, such as time and space shuttles, dynamic movie platforms.

4. amusement park equipment

Structure movement characteristics: The passenger part rotates or swings around the horizontal axis.

Such as: Ferris wheel, windmill, space ship, pirate ship, flying carpet, meteor hammer, children's amusement equipment.

What should we pay attention to when using amusement park equipment?

Pay attention to safety protection before children play amusement park equipment. Try to choose large-scale, good sanitary conditions, safe entertainment facilities, and more standardized and well-managed children’s play places; before play, you should familiarize yourself with the playground environment and pay attention to the play instructions, especially if some restrictions are not safe factors. Understand the content of the warning clauses for the use of facilities, so as to help children avoid risks when playing.

How to choose amusement park equipment?

First, the production qualification. Everyone knows the insecurity and danger of a "three-no" manufacturer's equipment. Therefore, the manufacturer's production qualification and related certificates must be placed first.

Second, the equipment can meet your own needs. Although there are many manufacturers of amusement park equipment, the shapes, styles, craftsmanship and materials of the equipment are different, and the features and functions are also different. The best choice is to meet your investment needs.

Thirdly, manufacturers with good reputation and good quality. A credible manufacturer must be a regular manufacturer. If you cooperate with such a manufacturer, you can be assured of a hundredfold. Moreover, such a manufacturer must pay attention to long-term development. It will spend more attention on the quality of amusement park equipment, and the quality will be better. Guaranteed.

Fourth, a manufacturer whose after-sales service is as considerate as the pre-sale service. There are many manufacturers now, but how many manufacturers can provide after-sales service as thoughtful as the pre-sales? If a manufacturer can do all the after-sales services, does the purchased equipment have an extra guarantee?

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