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How to Maintain Outdoor Playground Equipment

How to Maintain Outdoor Playground Equipment

Outdoor playground equipment has been a very popular game for many kids. Here we Wande Play want to give some tips about how to maintain it? If you found some damaged place before using , should promptly communicate with the manufacturers after-sale service, looking for professionals to repair or change a qualified product.


We all know that the outdoor playground equipment is a combination unit, to meet childrens needs like to climb, slide, crawl etc, the whole set combines handrails, bridges, slide these components together. The connection between each part should be carefully checked before it is put into use, the entrapment should be forbidden.


As outdoor playground equipment are relatively large, the manufacturers may not be so careful when the installation of each screw are tightened. This requires us to make a check before making sure that all the screws are not loose. It may not easy to notice is there screw loose at the very beginning, but with a period of using, you could find the problem which may cause children security risks. We need pay special attention on such details. 


Outdoor playground equipment if it is placed in the outdoors, after each rain, should promptly clean up the above water mark, to avoid children playing when slipping, at the same time, also to prevent the outdoor part of the slide slide iron parts, affecting the service life.


Outdoor playground equipment for good looking, brush on the iron pieces of paint to avoid scratches, so as not to rust, for the phenomenon of paint to be timely processing. Wooden outdoor combination slide to pay attention to moisture, corrosion.


The plastic slide is best checked for damage and prevents the child from being scratched when playing.


In principle, outdoor playground equipment should be checked every six months, for any problem found, it should be promptly handled.Care for children from the outdoor playground equipment maintenance.

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