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The Safety Rules When Children Play on Outdoor Playground

The Safety Rules When Children Play on Outdoor Playground

Kids love the outdoor playground equipment, but how to let them play safely is a big issue that both the outdoor playground and parents concern a lot. Here Wande Play which is the leading factory in this industry would like to list 06 safety rule child need to follow when they play on the play equipment.  


First, children should not play on a outdoor playground equipment, if the slide or platform is wet. Because the wet surface will make these devices very slippery, it is easy to cause slip, kids may hurt themselves or some other kids around them.


Second, in accordance with the normal operating procedures to play the outdoor playground equipment. For example, sliding slides when the foot toward the slide, not put head toward the slide;  do not climbing over the railings;  do not stand on the swing swing and so on. It happens that kids like to try some new way to play the playground equipment, but safety is the most important.


Third, when children in the jungle, slides, seesaw, swing and other activities on the outdoor playground equipment, can not push other people, nor slapstick. 


4, When children playing outdoor playground equipment, do not wear a string or belt tether clothes. String, backpack, necklace may be inadvertently hung on the device, resulting in danger.


5,Move children’s bicycles, backpacks and other items away from the outdoor playground equipment around to avoid children been tripped over by these items.


6, If the child jumped from a outdoor play equipment, be sure to let children see if there is other baby or items in the middle of the road block. When the child jumps, feet touch the ground, knees should be slightly bent


Follow above main safety rules, kids will have a wonderful safe play outdoor playground equipment.


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